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Performers at Ema share first impressions of their songs
The Slovenian selection contest for Eurovision will take place in February, 21. January 2018 ob 12:23 The Slovenian passenger to the Eurovision song contest – which will take place in Lisbon in May – will be selected next month. Sixteen songs will be presented in pre-selection.
Marguč and Lesjak: Two matches remain. Let's aim for victory.
21. January 2018 ob 07:13 "We did not start the match badly, but we got too many goals from the wings. Already in the first half, we got seven from the right wing and two more unsuccessful attempts," explains a member of the ...
Forgotten workers of Koper "port bosses": 360 hours a month and payment in cash remain our everyday life
20. January 2018 ob 10:46 "There have been no changes for us. We still work every day for twelve hourse and we still learn when we need to get to work two hours before," says a worker who works in the Port of Koper through ...
Who is Slovenian fan everybody is asking for selfies?
20. January 2018 ob 08:54 Do you still remember the famous photo from the Istanbul stands which was sent to all part of the world, and thus created the true and living Slovenian mascot?
Begić: Olimpija finally has a professional and financially strong management
20. January 2018 ob 07:07 Petrol Olimpija has registered three new basketball players: Mirza Begić, young Issuf Sanon and possibly Erazem Lorbek, who might wear Olimpija's green and white jersey either in the ABA League or ...
Carving ice sculptures at -30°C The Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival has pit-stop mechanics – just like in a Formula One race.
Smoking and being a firefighter is a deadly combination The Clinical Institute of Occupational Medicine examined the health of 283 firefighters that were involved in the rescue operation at a Vrhnika chemical plant eight months ago.
Chinese call centres in Slovenia use human trafficking victims The Slovenian police have cracked down a well organized international criminal ring involved in human trafficking.
Slovenian court cancels Swiss franc loan due to currency risks Ljubljana’s High Court has upheld a claim to rule loan contracts in Swiss Francs null and void. It is the first such case of a legally binding decision making loan contracts in the EU void.
A Gymnast Who Coached the Best Gymnast Boris Gregorka was one of Slovenia’s first Olympic medalists.
The Bank of Slovenia warns of cryptocurrency trading risks Despite market corrections in the past few weeks, the cryptocurrency euphoria shows no signs of easing.
18,000 signatures for the legalization of marijuana The Pirate Party of Slovenia handed National Assembly President Milan Brglez more than 18,000 signatures in favor of a proposal calling for the complete legalization and regulation of cannabis.
Slovenia's handball players overcome Montenegro and are on their way to Varaždin The Slovenian men’s handball team executed its task perfectly. It qualified for the second stage of this year's European championship by beating Montenegro with 28:19.
Miami better than Milwaukee twice in four days The Miami Heat are back in their winning ways. The team came back from a loss against Chicago to beat Milwaukee with 106:101.
A Beauty Centuries in the Making Snežnik is best known as beautiful plateau in southern Slovenia whose snow-capped heights can even be seen from the Adriatic coast.

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A Gymnast Who Coached the Best
19. January 2018 ob 08:38 Gymnast Boris Gregorka was one of Slovenia’s first Olympic medalists.
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