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Overpriced TEŠ6 unit breaks down again
A crack in the superheater, 18. November 2017 ob 09:48 Unit six at the Šoštanj thermal power plant (TEŠ) had been down for 12 days –apparently not only for maintenance but also because of a technical issue.
Slovenia’s failure to promote an old tradition
18. November 2017 ob 09:53 This month, Ljubljana has turned into a gourmet capital. Culinary events abound, and the organizers are determined to put Slovenia's capital on the foodie map.
With statistics against waste generation and improper waste treatment
18. November 2017 ob 06:51 For several years the European Union has been encouraging us to implement various actions with which we can help to reduce the amount of waste to the greatest extent possible.
Silver Olympic swimmer offered a salary lower than her grandma's pension
17. November 2017 ob 20:17 Having finished her successful swimming career, Sara Isaković decided to switch to success in science.
Police has a new water cannon
17. November 2017 ob 20:23 The Slovenian Interior Ministry and the Police have a new specialized vehicle equipped with a water cannon, which is intended for use during violent mass demonstrations, sports and other risky ...
If Shamieh is deported, the Left will move to oust the Interior Minister The government has examined all the legal options with regards to the status of Ahmad Shamieh, and established that it has no jurisdiction to intervene in the matter, explained Foreign Minister Karl ...
A Mission to Protect and Preserve Slovenia is frequently called the land of forests. After all, it boasts a higher proportion of forest-covered territory than any other European nation outside of Scandinavia.
Are emergency services prepared for a terrorist attack in Slovenia? "If a terrorist attack were to happen, I'm not sure how things would go down. We're not exactly sure how we'd coordinate emergency services operations and who would take charge of what," said Miran ...
Mistakes to cost the Ministry of Defence 10 million euros The Slovenian Army's financial problems would have been smaller, if it weren't for some bad decisions made by officials within the Ministry of Defence.
The History of Monsters: The famous encyclopedia in Slovenia again Aldrovandi's encyclopedia from the year 1642 was presented in the National and University Library of Slovenia.
Finding Light in Darkness Evgen Bavčar is a leading Slovenian-born photographer whose avant-garde creations are admired all over Europe and beyond. But remarkably, Bavčar is also completely blind.
Gorenak: The Prime Minister has abused his power. Cerar: I categorically reject the charges. SDS has filed a motion of impeachment against Prime Minister Miro Cerar for violating the Constitution of the Republic of Slovenia and the law.
Objects from everyday life in medieval Ljubljana When was Ljubljana granted city rights? When was the cathedral erected? When were some of the houses erected? The exhibition, titled Medieval Ljubljana, provides answers to many a question.
UKC Ljubljana agony comes to an end: the process for the dismissal of the hospital’s management has started The managers of the Slovenia's greatest hospital’s days are numbered.
A Slovenian-Born Photographer of Bohemian Berlin A Slovenian-born photographer became one of the foremost chroniclers of Berlin in the early 20th century.

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A Mission to Protect and Preserve
17. November 2017 ob 06:24 Slovenia is frequently called the land of forests. After all, it boasts a higher proportion of forest-covered territory than any other European nation outside of Scandinavia.
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