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The government guarantees social peace, however, the future is less promising
100 days of Marjan Šarec’s government, 17. December 2018 ob 11:19 Negotiations with the public sector, the rise of the minimum wage and the amending budget are just some of the topics which marked the first three months of the government.
A Drink with a Difference
17. December 2018 ob 09:25 The hilly region of Brkini, not far from the Adriatic Sea, is a place where Mediterranean influences give way to the much harsher climate of inland Slovenia.
Festive culinary on Ljubljana's streets remains quite average
16. December 2018 ob 14:55 The year is almost over, the festive stalls are again adorning the Ljubljanica riverbank, but the offer remains within the boundaries of the already seen classics, without anything above the average.
EU to fund internet hotspots in 89 Slovenian municipalities
16. December 2018 ob 15:05 The European Commission recently announced the results of the first WiFi4EU call for proposals. A total of 89 Slovenian municipalities were selected to receive a WiFi4EU voucher worth €15,000.
German TV host climbs onto Europe's tallest chimney and irons a shirt
16. December 2018 ob 14:45 Because of its height, Trbovlje's chimney often attracts attention and fires the imagination of adrenaline enthusiasts.
Journalist, editor, and mountaineer Ante Mahkota dies Photographer and journalist Ante Mahkota, who was the first Slovenian to ascend to an elevation higher than 7000 meters, has died at the age of 82. Anton (Ante) Mahkota was born in the settlement of ...
10,000 travelers use the train between Ljubljana, Trieste and Udine The international Ljubljana–Trieste–Udine railway connection, which was launched on the 9th of September this year, will have transported around 10,000 people by the end of the year.
A Small-Town Painter of Nobles Matevž Langus was destined to follow in the footsteps of his family and become a blacksmith, but his passion for art ultimately took him to Vienna and Rome, and he became one of the most prolific ...
A great start for snowboarders: Mastnak celebrated in Carezza! Tim Mastnak is the winner of the first parallel slalom of snowboarding season in Carezza. Slovenian success was also complemented by Žan Košir and Rok Marguč.
Write to Ilka! Send a letter to her address Hitra cesta 1, Maribor. During the long and challenging season, fans of the Slovenian alpine skier Ilka Štuhec will now support their favourite athlete in a special way.
Art historian and "guardian of castles" Ivan Stopar passes away Renowned art historian, conservator, castellologist, researcher of vedutology and publicist, Ivan Stopar, who dedicated his professional work to Slovenia’s castles, their history and preservation, ...
Appropriate equipment and experience are a must for wintertime hikes in the mountains Hiking in the mountains can be done in any season, but only with the appropriate equipment – and only if our goals match our ability and experience.
Slovene market flooded with vegetables of unknown origin Representatives of the vegetable supply chain, including producers, processors and retailers will inform the Minister of Agriculture about irregularities in the system, which allow undocumented ...
New season at Rogla: hotel renovated after 20 years At the start of the new ski season, the Rogla Resort hopes that winter will favour them, bestowing snowfalls and low temperatures upon them.
A Brandy Centuries in the Making Slovenia’s Upper Kolpa Valley is not just remote, it also has a unique culture and history. It is also increasingly well-known for a traditional brandy called rakija.

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A Drink with a Difference
17. December 2018 ob 09:25 The hilly region of Brkini, not far from the Adriatic Sea, is a place where Mediterranean influences give way to the much harsher climate of inland Slovenia.
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