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A Slovenian Island in Bosnia
Slovenia Revealed, 26. July 2017 ob 06:11 Throughout modern history, Slovenians who had struggled to make a living in their own land hadmoved abroad in search of better lives.
Vurberk: Life returning back to normal after controlled bomb explosion
25. July 2017 ob 22:46 Shortly after 1 p.m. on Tuesday, a 250-kilogram WWII bomb found near Vurberk Castle was successfully deactivated by bomb disposal experts, who set off two controlled explosions.
Longer than allowed hospital waiting times continue to rise
25. July 2017 ob 11:25 According to figures from the National Institute for Public Health, 226 thousand patients waited for their first hospital check up and specialists appointment in June.
The Dawn of Slovenian Medicine
25. July 2017 ob 07:10 The year 1784 was an important milestone for the people of Ljubljana. That’s when the first hospital in the capital – and in the Slovenian heartland of Carniola – opened its doors.
The evacuation of Vurberk due to a controlled detonation of a bomb
24. July 2017 ob 19:04 Final preparations are underway in the municipality of Duplek for Tuesday’s controlled detonation of a 250-kilongram bomb found near Vurberk Castle.
Report from fire-ravaged fire waste depot in Zalog During the night firefighters continued to monitor the site of the fire which started on Thursday in the sorting plant of the waste depot in Zalog near Novo mesto.
MetalDays: three stages, more than 100 performers, thousands of fan MetalDays music holidays are starting in Sotočje, Tolmin.
A Small World Beneath the Surface Slovenia is a country known for its caves. Some of them – such as the Postojna or the Škocjan Caves – are internationally famous.
Plečnik designed far more buildings in Ljubljana than Gaudi in Barcelona Noah Charney is a best-selling American author and professor of art history who has lived in Slovenia for many years.
Being Vegetarian in Ljubljana We recently had a friend visit us out here in Slovenia, and we decided to sandwich a visit to Belgrade in between.
Man Brings a 250 Kilogram WW II American Bomb into his Courtyard A local resident found an unexploded World War II American bomb at Vurberk Castle in the Duplek municipality on Wednesday.
The Constitutional Court Dismisses the Petition about the Date of the Referendum on the Second Rail Track Act The referendum on the second rail track act will go ahead on the 24th of September, in line with the decision of the National Assembly.
Intensive firefighting efforts continue at the waste depot Effort to put out the fire at the waste depot in Zalog near Novo Mesto continue. Around 50 firefighters, who are on the site, also expect helicopter assistance.
Slovenia’s Shooting Star Basketball is one of Slovenia’s most popular sports. Every year, thousands of fans root for the national team or, more recently, for Slovenian players in the NBA.
Slovenia's marine police doesn’t have enough employees and boats Slovenia's marine police force is warning that it is understaffed, with 52 employees in the unit instead of 68, and only four of its six boats in service.

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Slovenia Revealed
A Slovenian Island in Bosnia
26. July 2017 ob 06:11 Throughout modern history, Slovenians who had struggled to make a living in their own land hadmoved abroad in search of better lives.
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