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The Voices of Hope
Slovenia Revealed, 14. August 2018 ob 07:04 When World War II swept across Europe, Slovenia was occupied by and partitioned among the Axis powers.
Bečirović in Nachbar select their teams for the “Basketball Symphony”
13. August 2018 ob 21:44 Sani Bečirović and Boštjan Nachbar, who will officially conclude their basketball careers on August 30, have selected players for the two teams that will compete in the so-called Basketball Symphony.
Kanal hosts traditional bridge-jumping event
13. August 2018 ob 21:38 The town of Kanal on the banks of the Soča River has once again hosted its traditional bridge-jumping event, which is one of the biggest annual crowd-pleasers in the Soča River Valley.
Setting the Guinness World record in scything
13. August 2018 ob 12:30 A group of 570 mowers was scything the grass in Cerkno. The participants gathered to set the Guinness World record as the largest group of mowers.
The first outline of the future government
13. August 2018 ob 12:37 Two months after the elections, we enter the week when Marjan Šarec gets to form a government. After initialling the agreement between Levica and the other five parties, Šarec now has 52 votes.
A Treasure Trove of Maps The Sergej Mašera Maritime Museum, in the coastal town of Piran, is best known for its artifacts chronicling the exploration of the sea – but among its treasures is an antique codex whose maps make ...
Aljaž Tower will be moved to the valley due to the restoration Aljaž Tower, the symbol of Slovenia on Triglav, which has been built in 1895, will be in mid-September temporarily moved to the valley in order to get thoroughly renovated.
Pohorje Bike Park as it used to be Pohorje Bike Park finally looks like it did in the past and it attracts a lot of mountain bikers, especially from Austria.
Postojna In Your Pocket With less than 10,000 inhabitants Postojna is barely one of the 20 largest towns in Slovenia, but arguably none are more well-known throughout that world (including the capital Ljubljana) than this ...
Kočevje attracts more and more tourists Thanks to the recent investments, Kočevje is becoming more and more attractive for the tourists.
150 Years of the first Slovene camp in Ljutomer 150 years have passed since the first Slovene camp in Ljutomer, which marked the beginning of the camp movement in Slovenia. This is an important milestone in national identity as well.
More than 1.4 million tourist overnight stays in June 2018 More than 570,000 tourist arrivals and over 1.4 million tourist overnight stays were recorded in June 2018.
Where should you go this weekend? To Bled Wine Festival There are going to be several culinary, ethnological and social events from different parts of Slovenia this weekend, which means there are plenty of choices.
125 years since the birth of Prežihov Voranc: ”He carried his homeland with him” In Carinthia, at the Prežihov Voranc Cottage, they market 125 years since the writer and politician Lovro Kuhar – Prežihov Voranc was born.
Meet a Slovenian couple who is planning on visiting every country in the world in record time Slovenian travellers Carmen and Matic Pirc are embarking on a trip in September. During the trip, they will try to visit every country in the world in record time.

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Slovenia Revealed
The Voices of Hope
14. August 2018 ob 07:04 When World War II swept across Europe, Slovenia was occupied by and partitioned among the Axis powers.
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