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Tinkara and her band. Foto: MMC RTV SLO/Sandi Fišer
Zmagovalna skladba: Tinka...


Tinkara Kovač wins Ema 2014

9. March 2014 ob 12:58
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Tinkara Kovač's song Spet/Round and Round has won the Ema 2014 competition, so she will head to Copenhagen for the second semi-final for the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

Tinkara, who made her debut at the Ema in 1997, was thrilled with her win. In Saturday evening’s super finals she competed against the group Muff. Viewers in five minutes gave her 7,932 votes and Muff got 3,450. There were two rounds of televoting, so the outcome was completely in the hands of viewers and listeners.

Tinkara wrote the text of the song Spet/Round and Round together with last year's Slovenian Eurovision participant Hannah Mancini and Tina Piš. Author of the music and arrangement is Aleš Vovk - Raay. Background vocals are sung by familiar faces - Manca Špik, Nika Zorjan and Raay.

Competing at Ema were seven singers including Omar Naber who represented Slovenia at the selection for the Eurovision Song Contest in Kiev in 2005. He sang I Won’t Give Up. Nermin Puškar and Samuel Lucas presented the song Masquerade, Bilbi with an international team that included three Austrians and two Englishmen performed the song To Ni Blues. The group Nude, which appeared for the fifth time on Ema, presented Be OK!, Rudi Bučar and the Elevators sang Tja.

Tinkara Kovač will represent Slovenia at Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Second Semi-Final, which will be held in Copenhagen on Thursday 8th May.

H.P., RSi

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