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12. Jul 2020 at 09:58 News

Slovenia caught in second COVID-19 wave

Milan Krek Foto: MMC RTV SLO
Milan Krek Foto: MMC RTV SLO

In the light of recent consistent new coronavirus infections, director of the national institute of public health Milan Krek believes that the second wave of the corona pandemic has already begun and that Slovenia is in the midst of it. He called on all Slovenians to abstain from big gatherings and to stay in safe places for the next couple of weeks, to prevent the virus from spreading. Meanwhile, infections are rising also in neighboring Croatia which noted a record 140 new cases in a day. The director of the Croatian headquarters for civil protection Maja Grba Bujević said that they know that new confirmed cases came from known hotspots and that now they must make sure that new hotspots will not pop up.

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