SHOW 339 .. 15th March

- Slovenian artists in Brussels
- Illustrator Alenka Sottler 
- Hamlet of Heaven 
- Tourist souvenir  
- Fashion designers 

Slovenian artists in Brussels
For the duration of the Presidency of the European Union, Slovenia has prepared a series of cultural events across European capitals, with the aim to better acquaint the citizens of Europe with our young country. Among them is an exhibition of contemporary Slovenian art at the Palace of the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels, which will be open until 20 June.
Illustrator Alenka Sottler
Alenka Sottler is an outstanding illustrator who has achieved many successes at home as well as abroad. She received the Golden Apple, the prestigious award at the last Biennial of Illustration in Bratislava for her illustration of Cinderella.  This is already her second award at this – besides the Bologna Children’s Book Fair – most prestigious event in the field of
children’s illustration in the world.
Hamlet of Heaven
A tourist resort of Nebesa, or Heaven in English, over Kobarid and the Soča River, in the far west of the country is a true luxury of peace and heavenly views. The multi award winning structure represents contemporary, technologically advanced building design, which still remains faithful to the local architectural tradition. Heaven is not situated in a space, but is a part of the space.
Tourist souvenir 2007
In terms of culture and geography, Slovenia represents an intertwining of three worlds – Alpine, Mediterranean and Pannonian. Designer Andreja Aljančič Povirk has captured this diversity into her original tourist souvenir.
Fashion designers from Kranj
In the last few years there are more and more interesting and promising young fashion designers in Slovenia  who dare to be different and step out of the grey average. 

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