SHOW 359 .. 21st February 2009

- Medical inventions  
- In the heart of Peca  
- Painter Kostja Gatnik   
- Violinist Tanja Sonc 
- Jewellery by Žare Ognjenovič  

Medical Inventions
Despite the lack of state support for inventors in Slovenia, there are many who undertake this vital work on an amateur basis. Many of these are members of the ASI Centre for Inventors, which helps them present their inventions and activities. In recent years, quite a few members have returned from international fairs and exhibitions with prestigious awards and medals, among them inventors from the field of medicine.
In the heart of Peca
Changing with the times, many of Slovenia’s mines are now opening their shafts and tunnels to tourists, and there are now several mining museums around the country. The lead and zinc mine in Mežica in the Koroška region in the northeast of Slovenia is one such with a twist: it offers the interesting experience of cycling through the tunnels of the abandoned mine.
Painter Kostja Gatnik
Kostja Gatnik is one of the most versatile Slovenian artists. He is an active painter, graphic designer, illustrator and designer of puppets and theatre costumes; in short, he is involved with everything that has something to do with the fine arts. He is also a legendary comic strip artist and the author of the famous comic book collection called Magna Purga.
Young Violinist Tanja Sonc
There are many talented young musicians in Slovenia, but only a select few who regularly win awards at national and international music competitions. One such promising musician is the 17-year-old violinist Tanja Sonc.
Jewellery by Žare Ognjenovič
Žare Ognjenovič marks time with jewellery. His studio in the centre of medieval Ljubljana provides the perfect setting for creating custom-made pieces. His jewellery is characterised by a touch of tradition, modern forms and also something mystical.

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