SHOW 407 .. 1st May 2011

- Slovenia's parliament 
- The Lahinja regional park 
- Musician Zlatko Kaučič 
- Illustrator Mojca Sekulič Fo 
- Industrial Designer Kaja Antlej   

Slovenia’s parliament
Slovenia is a parliamentary democracy. The parliament consists of two houses, the National Assembly and the National Council, though it is asymmetrical, with greater decision-making power belonging to the former. The parliament building itself was designed 62 years ago by some of Slovenia’s most renowned artists.
The Lahinja regional park
Bela krajina is an interesting, somewhat remote region in the south-east of Slovenia. Its special charm is in its unspoilt nature. Its flora and fauna are so exceptional and diverse that it is home to two regional parks, the Kolpa regional park and the Lahinja regional park. With its seven specially protected natural phenomena, two nature reserves and five cultural monuments, the Lahinja river is the major natural phenomenon of the latter.
Percussionist Zlatko Klaučič
A percussionist, composer-improviser and music teacher all rolled into one: this is Zlatko Kaučič, who is a regular guest at the most prestigious jazz festivals in the world. He has been actively engaged in music for the last three decades and this year has received the highest recognition for cultural achievements in Slovenia, the Prešeren award. He spent years living in some of the great European cities, such as Barcelona, Berlin and Amsterdam, before finally returning home, to Slovenia’s Goriška Brda. Yet his journeys in music still march to his distinctive and highly innovative beat.
Ilustrator Mojca Sekulič Fo
An architect Mojca Sekulič Fo  has ventured into the magical world of illustration by chance. She illustrates a wide range of books, including children’s books, textbooks and science reference books. She is perhaps best known for her miniature wood paintings, but her fairy-tale world has also come to life on paper and canvas.
Industrial Designer Kaja Antlej
Rapid advances in the development of 3D technologies, mainly used by engineers, have enabled their extremely quick expansion into various disciplines, including the visual arts, design, architecture and cultural heritage. The challenges and opportunities offered by these technologies have also become the main focus for young industrial designer Kaja Antlej.



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