SHOW 452 .. 8th June

- Roman Emona
- Ptuj casle and the Leslies
- Matej Zorc's unique clocks
- Inventor Roman Sušnik
- Painter Zmago Lenárdič

Roman Ljubljana
Next year will mark the 2000th anniversary of the year when the Romans established a settlement on the territory of modern-day Ljubljana and named it Emona. There aren't many other capitals that can boast such well-preserved Roman relics in their city centers. Now, a circular archeological trail with a virtual reconstruction of the town’s development takes visitors on a tour of ancient Emona.
The Leslies in Ptuj
From ancient Ljubljana, we move on to Slovenia's oldest town – Ptuj. A castle perched on a hill above the town dominates the townscape. The castle’s modern-day appearance has been shaped through many centuries – during which the castle has seen a number of ownership changes. From 1656 to 1802, it was owned by the Scottish Counts of the Clan Leslie, who left behind an exceptional artistic legacy. Recently, and for the first time in 211 years, one of their descendants, Mark Leslie of Dublin, visited Ptuj.
The clocks of Matej Zorec
Architect Matej Zorec proves that clocks can become little sculptures -- true works of art. For several years, he has been designing and making unique timepieces of various, interesting shapes. Each is one-of-a-kind and each has its own story.
Inventor Roman Sušnik
Roman Sušnik is an innovator and an aviation fan. He has been working on various innovations for all of his life. When he was a youngster he designed and built a sports car, but his real career as an inventor began when he left his full-time job. He is developing and manufacturing the most energy-efficient electric motors in the world – devices that can be used in planes, cars and boats. The characteristics of his most recent electric motor are so advanced that they could represent a true revolution in the powering of various devices.
Painter Zmago Lenárdič
Zmago Lenárdič is one of those rare contemporary painters that use their broader understanding of painting and the integration of new media – video and installation – to reflect on the essence of making art in an original way. Lenárdič, who is also a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design, has received a number of awards for his creative work, including the Jakopič Prize, Slovenia's most prestigious fine arts award.


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