SHOW 474 .. 23. August 2014

- The Škocjan Caves park
- The “Landscape” architecture atudio
- The bled pletna
- Inventor Roman Sušnik
- The Raduha House

The Škocjan Caves park
Slovenia is one of the EU countries that have most interesting biotic diversity. It has 12.6% of its territory protected with different protection categories. The Škocjan Caves park in the south-west of Slovenia that covers just over 400 hectares and extends over the original Karst landscape, is one of the three regional parks in Slovenia.  The park covers the entire system of the Škocjan underground caves, the canyon of the Reka River and the area just above the caves, including the three villages situated there.  
The “Landscape” architecture atudio
Also lending a unique touch to the Slovenian countryside are landscape architects of the studio known as “Landscape” – a firm that has already received a number of awards. Their beautiful gardens and poetical landscapes enrich everyday lives and are always in harmony with their surroundings.
The bled pletna
Bled and its beautiful lake is famous throughout the world as the most popular tourist destination in Slovenia. One of its many sights and phenomena is the pletna, a flat-bottomed wooden boat, which serves as the means of transport for tourists who wish to experience a trip on the lake. The pletna was given the shape it still has today way back in 1902.
Inventor Roman Sušnik
Roman Sušnik is an innovator and an aviation fan. He has been working on various innovations for all of his life. When he was a youngster he designed and built a sports car, but his real career as an inventor began when he left his full-time job. He is developing and manufacturing the most energy-efficient electric motors in the world – devices that can be used in planes, cars and boats. The characteristics of his most recent electric motor are so advanced that they could represent a true revolution in the powering of various devices.
The Raduha House
Sleeping and dreaming in the tree tops is an experience offered by a new mode of tourist accommodation designed for those looking for something a bit special, for those who yearn to be closely linked to nature. The owners of the Raduha House in Luče in the Upper Savinja Valley were far-sighted indeed when they first decided to restore an old hayrack and later thought of placing wooden dwellings in the tree tops

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