SHOW 499 .. 19th October 2015


- The Kobarid Museum
- Brestovica
- Lake Bohinj
- Bivouac below Mt Skuta
- The Puppet Museum
The Kobarid Museum
This year marks the one-hundredth anniversary of the beginning of the Isonzo Front, one of the bloodiest fronts of the First World War. The testimony of those events can be found at the Kobarid Museum and other sites of the Posočje region. In 1993, the Kobarid Museum received the best European Museum of the Year Award given by the Council of Europe.
The tragic Isonzo Front also marked the village of Brestovica near Komen, which was completely demolished at the time. Now, this is again a typical Karst village near the border with Italy, with many remains still testifying to the bloody events of the First World War.
Lake Bohinj
Lake Bohinj is the largest natural lake in Slovenia. Situated in the Triglav National Park, embraced by the majestic Julian Alps, it is less known than the famous and popular Lake Bled. Yet Lake Bohinj with its surroundings is a popular destination for active leisure time activities. This year Lonely Planet ranked Bohinj among the ten best European destinations for family holidays.
Bivouac below Mt Skuta
Recently, A New, Modern Shelter for mountaineers has been set up in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps in northern Slovenia. Situated at 2,070 meters, the bivouac below Mt Skuta is a unique international project located in Slovenia's mountains, whereas its design draws on traditional Slovenian Alpine architecture.
The Puppet Museum
Puppetry in Slovenia is proud of its 105-year old tradition. This year, its fabulous museum was given a home at Ljubljana Castle. It is for the very first time that the rich puppetry heritage has been collected in one place, offering visitors an interactive journey into the magical world of puppets.

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