SHOW 291 .. 25th November 2005

- Osmice - a specialty of the Primorska region
- A portrait of Jože And Peter Ciuha
- The ballet dancers T. Baronik and S. Moga
- Wood carving in Slovenia
- Katalena - a modern version of folk music.

Osmice  at Vipavsko
The osmica, an interesting and well-liked form of selling wine and home-made culinary specialties, has remained popular in the south-west of Slovenia. The custom was made prominent in the mid 18th century, when Empress Mary Theresa, the ruler of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, allowed farmers to sell their wine and foodstuffs without having to pay tax for eight days in the year.
Painters Jože and Peter Ciuha
Father and son Jože and Peter Ciuha belong to two different spheres of painting. While the father, an internationally acclaimed artist whose works can be found in galleries around the world, works with classical painting techniques, his son takes great interest in modern fractal graphic work.
Ballet Dancers Tanja Baronik and Sergiu Moga
The Maribor ballet ensemble has been extremely successful in the last few years, both in Slovenia and abroad. Today we introduce to you ballet soloists and partners, Tanja Baronik and Sergiu Moga. Tanja is from Maribor, while Sergiu left his native Romania for Slovenia 14 years ago. They have both danced a number of successful roles, both in classical and modern ballet.
Wood carving
Wood was one of the first materials used by humans to express themselves creatively. And lately wood carving, which ten years or so ago seemed to be a craft sinking into obscurity, has begun to regain its popularity.
The Katalena group
Folk music is also experiencing a revival. More and more modern bands are taking an interest in our folk heritage, turning folk music into hits. Katalena plays modern versions of folk music. The band consists of musicians with extremely diverse musical backgrounds: from rock, folk and blues to trip hop.

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