SHOW 319 .. 28th April 2007

- Turjak Castle
- Plečnik’s Library
- Painter Zmago Puhar
- The Church of St Helen near Divača
- The Brevery Museum

Turjak Castle - almost a thousand years on Slovenian soil
Situated in the town of the same name southeast of the capital Ljubljana, Turjak Castle is one of the biggest if not the biggest castle in Slovenia. From its construction to the Second World War it was owned by the Counts Auersperg, also known as the Counts of Turjak, who were one of the most important aristocratic families in the area of present-day Slovenia. The castle, which burnt down during the war, is now owned by the state. It has been under renovation for decades and is now regaining its former splendour.
One of Plečnik’s greatest masterpieces in Ljubljana
There are few towns in the world that are as strongly marked by one single artist as Ljubljana, the birthplace of Jože Plečnik, a great Slovenian and Central European architect. His grandest and, according to many, most beautiful creation in Ljubljana is the National and University Library. It was built in 1941 on the site of the former Auersperg mansion, which had been destroyed in an earthquake.
The Painter Zmago Puhar
In the three decades of his creative career, the painter Zmago Puhar has developed his own artistic language and upgraded it in ways typical of 20th century art. He likes to play with line and colour and his compositions are brimming with the rhythm of life.
The Church of St Helen
The Church of St Helen in Gradišče near Divača in the southwest part of the country looks pretty modest from the outside. There’s nothing to indicate its rich interior. The richness lies in remarkable frescoes dating from the end of the 15th century, which are considered to be among the most important monuments of medieval art in Slovenia.
The rich tradition of brewing in Slovenia
Brewing is one of the oldest branches of industry in the area and the one with the longest industrial heritage in Ljubljana. To preserve it for future generations, the Union Brewery set up the Brewery Museum. Founded two decades ago, the museum is one of the biggest in Europe.

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