SHOW 325 .. 11th August 2007

Kostanjevica na Krki
The smallest Slovenian town Kostanjevica na Krki was granted town privileges in as early as 1252. Situated on an island created by the Krka River it has entirely preserved the medieval town plan and has been protected as a cultural monument. Today it is renowned as an important cultural centre. After all, it has more works of art than inhabitants.
The Roman Nekropolis
Šempeter near Celje is known for the best preserved Roman monuments in Slovenia. Here we can find a Roman necropolis dating from the first centuries AD, which was discovered by chance in 1952. Located in an archaeological park, the necropolis is an exceptional monument of European importance.
Photographer Joco Žnidaršič
Nature and the human face are two favourite motifs of photographer Joco Žnidaršič. He’s made a name for himself with social and news photography, even though, as a newspaper photographer, he has captured many interesting things with his camera, even senior statesmen.
The Kekec house
Trenta is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. Situated in the Triglav National Park, it boasts genuinely unspoiled nature. A thousand metres high amidst the beauty of nature, an interesting homestead is hidden. Ten years ago, a mountain climber caringly restored it to its original pristine form and transformed it into a guest house.
Folk music is experiencing a revival. More and more contemporary bands are taking an interest in our folk heritage, turning folk music into hits. Katalena plays modern versions of folk music. The band consists of musicians with extremely diverse musical backgrounds: from rock, folk and blues to trip hop.


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