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Open Kitchen returns: quality remains the driving force The Open Kitchen culinary market is entering its fifth season. In addition to Ljubljana, where it’s coming to life today, the market will also pay visits to Celje, Koper, and Nova Gorica.
Matevž Lenarčič’s new mission: across the Mediterranean to Alpine glaciers Matevž Lenarčič has taken off from Portorož on his new mission, titled Mediterranean 2017. Its goal is to determine how black carbon and Saharan dust are affecting glaciers.
Ljubljana’s bike rental among world’s top Ljubljana is opening 13 new “Bicikelj” public bike rental stations. That means the project is successfully developing.
A Hidden Cave Under the Alps Babji Zob, a tooth-like crag on a cliff not far from the resort town of Bled, was created when a witch fell down the cliff and cast a spell on the mountain – at least that’s how a local legend ...
Peter Prevc says his take-off was good, but his flight wasn’t Anže Semenič and Tilen Bartol set new personal records on Thursday, the first day of the four-day Ski Jumping World Cup season finale in Planica.
A sightseeing train named Urban burns down On Thursday morning, an urban electric train named Urban was found burned down at an LPP workshop. According to city bus operator LPP, police have found no signs of foul play.
Staff Changes in Judicial Institutions Complete With the election of four Constitutional Court judges and the appointment of a new State Prosecutor General, the broad staff changes at the top of Slovenia’s judicial institutions have now come to a ...
A Café at the Heart of Slovenia’s Second City Café Astoria (Kavarna Astoria) in the heart of Maribor is not just a popular meeting place; it has played an important role in the history of Slovenia’s second city and has come to symbolize the ...
Planica: Partial alcohol ban and traffic restrictions in place Temporary traffic restrictions will be in place for the four-day Ski Jumping World Cup season finale in Planica between March 23 and March 26. A free bus service will pick up fans in Kranjska Gora ...
Hiša Franko crowned best restaurant in Slovenia Hiša Franko in Kobarid has been named the best fine-dining establishment in Slovenia. The restaurant is headed by star chef Ana Roš, the recipient of the 2017 World’s Best Female Chef award.
Post of Slovenia in problems, unhappy postal workers Following the reappointment of Boris Novak and Vinko Filipič in the top management of the Post of Slovenia, the parliamentary Commission for Public Finance Oversight is to discuss the business ...
257 vehicles to go on display in Ljubljana, 29 of them for the first time in Slovenia "We think the 16-year-long absence of Ljubljana's Auto Salon was so long, that people will want to come to the show just to see all that splendor, as well as all the new cars," says the head of the ...
Water: it is life, it is equality, it is energy, it is industry, it is nature, it is food Water is an irreplaceable natural resource necessary for life and a source of many human activities. The quality of our life and the very existence of life depend on it.
The Rise and Fall of a Venetian Palace Once best known for being a major port, the Slovenian town of Koper has recently emerged as a tourist destination.
Kampl: I'm very happy to be back again Five months after coach Katanec said he believed Kevin Kampl would have no difficulties returning to his teammates and national team, it turned out to be true.
Adria pilots announce strike for Wednesday and Thursday, several flights already cancelled The trade union of traffic pilots and the management of Adria Airways have failed to reach an agreement on pilot salaries and working conditions.
International Day of Forests In 2012 the UN General Assembly proclaimed 21 March the International Day of Forests to encourage countries to raise awareness of the importance of sustainable forest and wood management as wood is ...
"New Slovenian facts" fail to soften Brussels' position on Teran Despite Slovenia's expressed suspicion of forged Croatian documents and the position of EU's Ombudsman that the procedure is not transparent, the process of granting Croatia the right to use the ...
In 2015, 15% of theatrical performances were by professional puppet theatres The idea of proclaiming 21 March the World Puppetry Day was given by the Indian puppeteer Dadi Pudumjee in 2002 at the meeting of UNIMA, the International Puppetry Association.
A Slovenian Bishop Who Helped to Create Vienna Boys’ Choir During centuries of Hapsburg rule, Slovenians from the upper classes often looked toward Vienna, the Imperial capital, for their higher education and cultural enrichment.
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A Hidden Cave Under the Alps
24. March 2017 ob 06:42 Babji Zob, a tooth-like crag on a cliff not far from the resort town of Bled, was created when a witch fell down the cliff and cast a spell on the mountain – at least that’s how a local legend ...
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