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Ana Roš Crowned Best Female Chef In The World! It was a sheer coincidence that Slovenians ended up with two first ladies within a same week - Ana Roš has officially been named the world’s best female chef, succeeding Dominique Crenn from the ...
Slovenia’s seaside wilderness Just a few miles from Slovenia’s well-known coastal resorts lies a wild and largely unexplored natural landscape.
Take a walk along the Krakovo Embankment to mark Plečnik’s birthday Today marks 145 years since the birth of the architect Jože Plečnik.
Novelty in education: Apprenticeship for four vocations The most important novelty in this year's call for applications for enrolment into secondary schools is the introduction of apprenticeship for four vocation into some of vocational schools.
Slovenian PM in Czech Republic - economic cooperation in foreground The Slovenian Prime Minister Miro Cerar in Prague met with the economic delegation of Slovenian companies, and some managers of the Czech companies which are already cooperating with Slovenia.
A Doctor of Ethics, Compassion, and Skill Despite problems affecting its healthcare system, Slovenia is proud of its achievements in medicine.
Slovenia incurs cheaper debt, no longer associated with PIGS The government has made use of solid financial situation, borrowing EUR 1.3 billion euros worth of long-term debt.
First lady Melania as a culinary niche market of Sevnica In recent weeks journalists and reporters from foreign media have been pouring into Sevnica, the birthplace of Melania Trump, the new U.S.
Eataly of Trieste, world largest market of Italian food On Tuesday the first Eataly store in Trieste was opened.
Health reform’s key legislation proposal has been presented TV Slovenija’s news team has obtained the full text of the proposed new Health Care and Health Insurance Act.
Foreign journalists pour into Sevnica on Trump's inauguration day The town of Sevnica has organised open door days to honour Friday’s inauguration of Donald Trump into the role of the new American president as well as his wife Melania Trump, a former inhabitant of ...
Maja Keuc pulls out of EMA, Slovenia’s national selection for Eurovision Maja Keuc, also known as Amaya, said she decided to withdraw from this year’s EMA, the Slovenian qualifying competition for the Eurovision Song Contest, citing conflicting career plans.
IJS develops smartwatch for the elderly According to the Jožef Stefan Institute (IJS), the developer of the smartwatch, IN LIFE is packed with features that allow the elderly to remain independent for as long as possible.
The Karst fighting for the Teran: Why are Croatia's arguments confidential? 130 winemakers and others connected to the wine industry have formed a Civil initiative for the respect of Teran's protection.
Vote for the best restaurants and participate in fostering Slovenia’s culinary reputation Food and wine tourism has emerged as the fastest growing tourism sector in the world, as well as in Slovenia, which in recent years has transformed into an important and recognized green ...
The Land of Cherries, Wine, and Chestnuts Visitors to Slovenia frequently remark on the country’s diversity.
Fifty Slovenian soldiers headed for Latvia as part of NATO's enhanced presence The cabinet intends to add 50 soldiers to several rotations participating in NATO's enhanced presence in Latvia. The troops will operate under Canadian command.
Health Minister: the highest income bracket to pay 75 euros for health insurance; the lowest to pay 20 euros Health Minister Milojka Kolar Celarc presented the proposed Healthcare and Health Insurance Bill to the public.
Nina Štajner: I Draw A World Which Should Exist The visual diary of Slovenian illustrator Nina Štajner is a true feast for the eyes and soul: full of lovely drawings of animals and nature.
Capturing the World Through a Lens A Slovenian man turned his love for adventures and his passion for the natural world into a career as a world-renowned photographer.
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Slovenia’s seaside wilderness
24. January 2017 ob 06:13 Just a few miles from Slovenia’s well-known coastal resorts lies a wild and largely unexplored natural landscape.
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