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Slovenia’s Animation Duo Compared to many other post-Communist countries, including neighboring Croatia, Slovenia does not have a long tradition of animated films.
Slovenian foreign minister: “We need to keep putting pressure on Croatia” “The European Union could freeze European funds for Croatia, but I think one quite strict call to Zagreb will suffice,” said the Slovenian foreign minister Karl Erjavec in an interview for TV Dnevnik.
Grape harvest finishing in Karst, half less Refošk than usually The Karst wine region is finishing up this year’s grape harvest.
At Subida, the only "Slovenian" restaurant with a Michelin star: dinner under trophies and sleeping in a nest Subida is an institution – be it their interpretations of the old Friulian dishes, or boutique hotel management setting an example to a number of followers.
Photo in video: Dunking Devils’ newest video ordered by NFL League Slovenian acrobatic stuntmen called the Dunking Devils have shown their creativity and acrobatic skills in a video recorded for the American football league (NFL) at Lake Velenje and in London.
Golden Luka Dončić visits ill grandfather in hospital: “He’s the real fighter and champion!” Luka Dončić spent less than 24 hours in Slovenia after returning from Istanbul.
Maraaya land global record deal with major label Ljubljana-based two-piece Maraaya landed a record deal with a major label. The outfit is now looking to make further inroads into the international music scene.
Istria Bike Marathon kicks off on Saturday The Istria Bike Marathon, the largest cycling event in the region of Istria, is set to take place this weekend in and around Portorož.
Cerar cancelled meeting in Zagreb due to Plenković's statements The president of the Slovenian government Miro Cerar cancelled the statesmen's meeting in Zagreb.
Kavalir has transported more than a million people across Ljubljana The electric-powered Kavalir vehicle has transported 80,000 passengers in the first eight months of this year. Since 2008, the number has exceeded 1.2 million passengers.
No Slovenian classes in Val Canale In Val Canale, a valley in the Italian province of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, which is inhabited by Italians, Friulians, and Slovenians, just under 300 children began the school year without Slovenian ...
21 September - a day when United Nations promote peace in a society of peace-loving people Under the auspices of the UN, Slovenia accepted 21 September as the Day of Peace.
Tomos back on its feet, offering new jobs Tomos from Koper is optimistic regarding their future, as they finally managed to assure the indispensable financial resources for restarting their production.
A Reminder of a Vanished Community Maribor, Slovenia’s second city, is a place with a long and varied history.
Roglič claims silver at World Cycling Championships in Bergen Slovenian cyclist Primož Roglič bagged silver in the men’s time trial at the 2017 World Cycling Championships in Bergen, Norway.
Strasbourg scolds Slovenia for water for Roma communities, municipality of Škocjan outraged The European Commission against Racism and Intolerance again reprimanded Slovenia because a number of Roma communities still have no access to potable water.
A Serbian religious jewel in Ljubljana When Ljubljana’s Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius was built in 1936, its neo-Byzantine architecture made it immediately obvious that it was unlike any other church in the city.
Rudar (Miner) to vie for Foreign Language Oscar nomination Hanna Slak’s Miner is Slovenia’s nominee for the 2018 Foreign Language Oscar Award. The feature film recently picked up three Vesna Awards.
In service of a neglected Slovenian community Squeezed between various 20th -century ideologies and nationalisms, the Slovenian community in northeastern Italy often struggled to survive.
20,000 fans at the golden party chanted "My Captain" to Dragić The golden basketball players again enthralled the huge number of fans at the reception in Ljubljana. Goran Dragić predicted Luka Dončić in future would bring new triumphs.
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Slovenia’s Animation Duo
25. September 2017 ob 07:13 Compared to many other post-Communist countries, including neighboring Croatia, Slovenia does not have a long tradition of animated films.
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