The Slovenian potica is protected as a guaranteed traditional specialty. Photo: BoBo


Slovenia ready for protecting potica at European level

Protected as a guaranteed traditional speciality
16. December 2017 ob 14:16
Ljubljana - MMC RTV SLO

Potica is a culinary landmark and a symbol of the Slovenian festive menu. In June this year, three chambers – for agriculture, craft/ small business and economy – submitted a joint proposal to the Ministry of Agriculture for the protection of the Slovenian potica as a guaranteed traditional specialty. Now everything is ready for its protection at European level.

Rich Slovenian gastronomic heritage comprises more than 100 different types of potica. However, due to a decision made by the Ministry of Agriculture to protect the Slovenian potica and publish exact specifications, the Slovenian potica is only one, says the agricultural minister Dejan Židan: "The Slovenian potica is thus prepared with five traditional fillings: walnut, walnut with raisins, raisins, tarragon or tarragon with cottage cheese. It is roasted in a special clay pot, which gives the correct shape of potica – round with a hole in the middle, and with a smooth or upright ribbed outer edge."

The Slovenian potica is protected as a guaranteed traditional specialty, explains Tadeja Kvas Majer, director of the Agriculture Directorate: "This means that the recipe and the baking procedure are protected, but its geographic origin is not limited."

Slovenian potica should not be missing from any table at Slovenian embassies and any other representative events, since it can promote Slovenia very efficiently. Those who intend to produce and market the Slovenian potica will have to obtain a certificate within one year. All other types of potica can still be produced and marketed.

A transitional national protection policy will be published in January 2018 and will be valid in Slovenia only. At the same time, the specification for the protection of the Slovene potica will be submitted to the European Commission. Once it is published in its official journal, the protection of the Slovenian potica will be confirmed.

Jernejka Drolec, Radio Slovenija; translated by K. Z.
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