Poklukar explains that if the trend is not reversed, he will propose at least a partial lockdown.

According to him, some Covid restrictions were being stepped up. Employees who have not been vaccinated or have not recovered from Covid-19 will have to get tested every 48 hours.

‘’Selftesting every 48 hours will be required for primary and secondary school students, as well, college students. Self-testing is also required for participation in sports programmes, recreational activities and extracurricular activities.''

Another two Covid hospitals are expected to be opened, joining the current 13 such hospitals.

All non-urgent procedures and services in hospitals could be restricted as early as Friday.

Mask-wearing is mandatory in healthcare, educational and social care activities and in all activities and services where there is personal contact.

The changes will enter into force on Monday.

Foto: Zajem zaslona
Foto: Zajem zaslona