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On her exchange in Ljubljana, Alexandra learned it’s ok to spend time on your own


Alexandra knew practically nothing about Slovenia before arriving in Ljubljana. She says she expected there would be more of a "Balkan influence", adding that she loves the mix of the many influences she ended up finding in Slovenia. She chose to play Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone.

Study abroad

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We take a peek into the lives of foreign students living in Slovenia. Did they come to party, study or just shake up their everyday lives? What makes these young people tick and what do they think about the country they've come to? Listen to the challenges they face and what they miss from home. Has this experience changed them? Are they considering staying here? Every Monday at 11:25 only on Radio Si. Do you want to share your experience? Just write to and maybe you are our next guest.

On her exchange in Ljubljana, Alexandra learned it’s ok to spend time on your own


Alexandra knew practically nothing about Slovenia before arriving in Ljubljana. She says she expected there would be more of a "Balkan influence", adding that she loves the mix of the many influences she ended up finding in Slovenia. She chose to play Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone.


After spending a semester in Ljubljana, Erik says Slovenia is very underrated

Erik chose to spend a semester in Slovenia after he made an online comparison of all the partner universities his home university in Germany had offered as possible Erasmus exhange destinations. The University of Ljubljana stood out as one of the best, and to him, it also seemed one of the most interesting. His song of choice was Zukunft Pink by Peter Fox (feat. Inéz).


Christiana says culture is one of the main topics of conversation in her homeland

When someone says Greece, our first thoughts will most likely be that of culture, history, good food and beautiful beaches. This week’s guest points out the main topics of conversation in her homeland have been less glamorous these past few years. Christiana says artists and arts students across Greece face the devaluation of their degrees, while legal gaps in tackling femicide in Greece hinder victim's access to justice. She chose to play the song Odí sti fasaría (Prod. by Critical) by the greek artist Sara ATH.


Grzegorz says he did not expect to make close friendships in such a short time

Grzegorz says that when choosing his Erasmus destination, he was deciding between Crete and Maribor. He decided on the latter because there was a better overlap with the subjects he had to complete during his exchange. At the end of his exhange, he says that he does not regret the decision and that what he'll remember most will be the people he met there.


At the start of her exchange, Flora felt lost. Now, she’s not sure she wants to leave

In addition to French literature, Flora also studies English literature and culture. It’s therefore no wonder why her friends and family were surprised that she chose to spend her Erasmus exchange in Slovenia instead of England. However, she adds they quickly changed their minds when she started sending home photos of Ljubljana and Slovenia. She chose to play a song by the popular French artist MAXENSS titled La lune à 3h du mat.


If there was one advice Neus would give her fellow students, it would be to go to classes

Neus is a 21-year-old Catalan student who came to Slovenia because it was the southernmost place of the locations offered to her for her Erasmus. She chose to play the song Permission to Dance by BTS.


During his first week in Slovenia, Max and his friends crashed a bachelor's party in Velika Planina

Max is a student of mechanical engineering who decided to study in Ljubljana because it was one of the last still available spots to go on Erasmus that were offered to him. To anyone who is considering studying abroad, he recommends not picking the conventional locations but something a bit different from the norm.


Marc moved from Graz to Ljubljana for love

While Marc says he misses the orderly behavior of Austrians in traffic, he adds he found it surprising how similar life is in Ljubljana compared to Graz. He chose to play Make You Feel My Love by Adelle.


What surprised Mina the most was that communication between students and professors is a bit more relaxed in Slovenia

Mina says one of the things that surprised her the most was that she was given the keys to the laboratory at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Ljubljana during the first meeting with her mentor in order to be able to research the topic of her master's thesis whenever she had time. She explained that the process of obtaining the keys would be much more complex in Montenegro. She chose to play the song Montenegrina by Kemal Monteno.


Ece is a Turkish student who comes from Izmir, known as Turkey's most western-oriented city

Ece is also a member of the official Turkish Eurovision Fan Club. It’s therefore no wonder she chose to play Everyway That I Can by Sertab Erener, the winner of the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest in Riga.


Max says he chose to study in Slovenia because of his previous visit to Ljubljana

Max comes from the West German industrial city of Duisburg. The political science student says it's not known as particularly beautiful because of its industrial past, but that a lot has changed since and that he likes living there. Can Ljubljana compare? He chose to play the song ALLES ANDERS (WENIGER IM A****) by Schmyt feat. CRO.


Javier says the main thing he will remember from his exchange will be all the people he met (17.10.2022)

Javier is one of those students who makes decisions based on research. He says that he chose Slovenia because it was a good base for his Europe-wide travels - he visited an impressive 16 countries in five months. What tipped the scales was also the fact that the University of Ljubljana is one of the best in Europe. His song of choice was Viva La Vida by Coldplay.


Karol came to Maribor with the intention of staying for a semester, but ended up staying for a year (03.10.2022)

Karol says that Slovenia and Poland are similar - both countries have mountains, lakes, a seaside and beautiful nature, but the law student adds that the air in Slovenia is better. He chose to play April u Beogradu by Zdravko Čolić.


David decided to go on Erasmus because he wanted to become more independent (19.09.2022)

Slovenia was not the first on David’s wish list. The 4th year Medicine student wanted to go to Finland, but he found it was too far from his home country. In the end, he decided on Ljubljana because of the mountains and the closeness of the sea and has not looked back since. He chose to play Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan.


Nadiia is a woman international master in chess who is studying computer science in Maribor (05.09.2022)

Chess is one of the main reasons Nadiia says she has seen much of the world. The Ukrainian student says she chose to spend her exchange in Maribor because she fell in love with the city at first sight She chose to play the song Follow You by Imagine Dragons.


Emilija decided to study media communications in Maribor (27.06.2022)

20-year-old Emilija says she was surprised at how quiet Slovenians speak in public compared to Northern Macedonians. What does she think about Maribor now that she has spent almost a year here? She chose to play I Was Made For Lovin' You by Kiss.


Giulia is an Italian Double Degree PhD researcher who came to Koper thanks to her Marie-Skłodowska Curie postdoctoral fellowship project (13.06.2022)

Giulia’s project examines the relationship between certain historical forms of collective land and resource management and the current environmental and landscape valuation of these areas and raises the question of access rights to natural resources for future generations. She chose to play Perfect by Ed Sheeran.


Sidra says she has her husband and family to thank for supporting her during her studies (30.05.2021)

Sidra is a doctoral student from Pakistan who has spent the last 3 years in Koper. She says that it is necessary to practically give up social life during her doctorate, so she has not yet managed to explore Slovenia, but at the same time adds that she has enjoyed her time here and that the only "obstacle" she faced was not speaking Slovene. She chose to play the song Dil Diyan Gallan by Atif Aslam.


Stefan says he always knew he wanted to move abroad (16.05.2022)

The Italian Studies student, who comes from North Macedonia, says that when he arrived in Koper two years ago, he was a lost 19-year-old who did not know what he wanted from life. 2 years later, says he made major progress in growing up. His song of choice was This Is The Life by Amy Macdonald.


Slobodan says studying abroad has taught him he needs to put himself out more (02.05.2022)

The 20-year-old from Serbia says the pandemic has hindered his chances of experiencing more things and learning to communicate better. He says this is also obvious in class as students aren’t too eager to answer the professors’ questions. He chose to play the song navučena by the Serbian musician tam.

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