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12. Jan 2020 at 08:39 Dražgoše News

78th anniversary of the battle of Dražgoše

Foto: BoBo/Žiga Živulović ml.
Foto: BoBo/Žiga Živulović ml.

A ceremony will commemorate today the 78th anniversary of the battle of Dražgoše. The battle took place between the 9th and 11th of January 1942 and is one of the major World War II battles against Nazi forces. The Dražgoše battle is also known as one of the biggest resistances on Slovenia’s territory. Many people choose to visit Dražgoše on the anniversary either by foot or bicycle, or they join one of the organized groups. The main ceremony starts at noon, and this year’s keynote address will be given by poet and playwright Ervin Fritz.

T. L.