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25. Aug 2019 at 11:12 Črna na Koroškem News

Heavy storms and landslides hit parts of Slovenia

58 firefighters in the field

Yesterday’s heavy rainfalls caused heavy damage in parts of coastal Slovenia and in the Northern parts of the Slovenian region Koroška.

As here more than 100 mm of rain fell, many roads were closed, cellars were under water, a building caught fire and at some sections landslides occurred. Due to a landslide the Slovenian railway from Maribor to Dravograd is closed till Monday. The same goes for a regional road.

Also, 7 people were trapped on roads due to landslides and 58 firefighters were helping in flooded houses.

Another problem during such weather conditions are drivers who are stopping their vehicles in tunnels and under bridges making driving under these conditions very dangerous. Officials are warning that such conduct is highly irresponsible, risky and forbidden.