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28. May 2020 at 19:56 News

Primary schools will fully reopen next week

Foto: BoBo
Foto: BoBo

Education Minister Simona Kustec today announced that from June 1st, 4th, and 5th graders will return to classrooms. If epidemiological results are good, those in grades six, seven, and eight will return to classrooms on Wednesday.

Kustec also said children from the first three grades and 9th graders of primary school will no longer be split into smaller groups but will return to their original classrooms and classmates. Apart from final year secondary school students, who returned to classrooms 10 days ago, secondary school students will continue with online classes.

Major easing of restrictions has also been announced for Monday. Government spokesman Jelko Kacin today said all tourism facilities will be allowed to reopen, as will gyms and spas, and gatherings of up to 200 people will be allowed again. Night clubs and discotheques will remain closed. Shops will also remain closed on Sundays and holidays.

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