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13. Aug 2020 at 17:56 Bled News

Slovenia and the US sign a 5G declaration

Photo: BoBo/Borut Živulović
Photo: BoBo/Borut Živulović

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Slovenia today making a case for clean 5G networks which bar Chinese companies. In Bled, the US and Slovenia signed a 5G safety declaration. Mr. Pompeo said the tide was turning against the Chinese Communist Party when it comes to high-speed wireless networks. Slovenia's PM Janez Janša reminded of Slovenia's communist past, but said the country was now an independent democratic republic.

The US already signed similar 5G declarations with Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia and Latvia. Mike Pompeo was the first US Secretary of State to visit Slovenia in 27 years.

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