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21. Nov 2020 at 17:01 Slovenija News

Slovenia gearing up for mass testing while relaxing border crossing restrictions

Foto: Shutterstock
Foto: Shutterstock

Prime Minister Janša last night announced that Government departments in Slovenia have been instructed to prepare for mass testing of the population for the novel coronavirus by December 5th as well as prepare the registration of candidates for voluntary vaccination.

The government also extended coronavirus restrictions related to gatherings and movement of people by another seven days. This comes as it conducted its periodic review of the measures today.

That said, border crossing restrictions for people living near the border will be relaxed somewhat. As of Monday, Slovenians will be able to cross into a neighboring country to go to a store or to use another service if it is closer to their home than the nearest in Slovenia. They will be able to do so for a maximum of 2 hours without having to quarantine upon return. The government also expanded the list of red countries. Canada has been added while Switzerland in its entirety will also be red as of Monday.

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