SHOW 326 .. 25th August 2007

The Slovenia Times
In the 16 years since its proclamation of independence and especially since its accession to the European Union, Slovenia has become increasingly interesting to foreigners. Many have found a permanent or temporary residence here, while the number of foreign tourists is constantly on the rise. All this called for a newspaper in the lingua franca of today – English. Just over four years ago a monthly newspaper began to be published which has turned into the fortnightly Slovenia Times.
Illustrator Zvonko Čoh
Zvonko Čoh is an exceptional artist and one of the most sought after Slovenian illustrators. Although animated films are his true love – something he already became passionate about during his degree studies in Painting – he has recently been devoting most of his attention to illustration – witty, funny images that bring the laughter out of both children and adults.
Golf at Bled
Bled is considered a tourist jewel and takes pride in its natural golf course, which is one of the oldest and most beautiful in Europe. The idyllic nature surrounding it offers majestic views of the highest Slovenian mountain peaks and is an attraction for golf players from all over Europe.
Selška dolina Valley
The Selška dolina Valley in the north-western part of Slovenia had been marked by iron manufacture for over 500 years, up until 1902, when the last blast furnace was extinguished. Today, it is an idyllic valley which strives to keep the memory of the past alive.
Singer Bogdana Herman
Bogdana Herman is one of the best performers of Slovenian folk songs. She knows more than a hundred of them from all Slovenian regions. Her interpretations are genuine and highly expressive, for she feels with the ancestors’ fates.


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