SHOW 327 .. 08th September 2007

Pokljuka, a high plateau in the Triglav National park, is a true paradise for lovers of intact nature. Its greatest treasure is its vast pine forest. Highly rated resonance wood, used for the making of excellent string instruments, can be found here. Pokljuka is also famous for its peat marshes and gorges.
Ethnological farm in Bela krajina
The ethnological and ecological home Raztresen in Bela krajina in the south-east of the country is a true treasury of traditional crafts of this region.
Prem castle
Prem Castle is situated in the village bearing the same name in the south-western part of Slovenia. Because of its great strategic position, it is fair to assume that the castle was built on the foundations of a Roman fortress. An important trade route went past it, linking the hinterland of the country with the Adriatic Sea. First written records on the castle date back to 1213, and in the 19th century the castle still had a court and a jail.
Founder Janez Kavar
Founding is one of the oldest trades in the world. Janez Kavar has been a founder for only a few years but he's already made significant progress in the field of foundry technique. His workshop produces not only practical objects but also objects with ornamental value.
Painter Klavdij Tutta
Paintings on canvas, graphic prints, watercolours and decorated sculptures and collages, with distinctive colours and motifs from his native Primorska region, are a typical feature of creative expression by painter Klavdij Tutta. He has had many exhibitions both in Slovenia and abroad, and has been given numerous awards. His works are parts of art collections in Europe, Asia and the USA.

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