SHOW 330 .. 20th October 2007

- The Walks of Peace 
- Architects Bevk and Perović
- Jurklošter Monastery 
- Chocolate café 
- Mountain biker Stražišar

The Walks of Peace in the Soča region
The nature and landscape along the Soča River, or the Isonzo River as it is also known, are overwhelming in their magnificence and peacefulness, so much so, it is hard to imagine that less than a century ago one of the bloodiest battlefronts of the First World War ran here, along one of the most beautiful European rivers. The remains of the Isonzo Front are still visible at every step. A path entitled the Walks of Peace, which was officially opened this summer, now runs past them.
Architects Bevk and Perović
The great architect Jože Plečnik wasn’t the only one to leave an indelible mark on Slovenian post-war architecture. Another architect of the time was Edvard Ravnikar, who spent some time in the studio of the great European modernist, Le Corbusier, whose 120th anniversary of birth is being celebrated this year all around Europe. Slovenian magazine presents two young and successful architects who draw their inspiration from the heritage of Ravnikar and Le Corbusier.
The Jurklošter Charterhouse
In the past, four Carthusian monasteries stood on the territory of the present-day Slovenia, today, there is only one left – the one in Pleterje. The Jurklošter Charterhouse located in a secluded valley at the edge of the Kozjansko hills, in the east of the country, was the second oldest among the four. Not much has been left of it until today, but its remains hide many interesting stories.
Chocolate café
In the past few years quite a few excellent manufacturers of chocolate delicacies have appeared on the Slovenian market. You’ll be meeting one of them in the next few minutes.
Mountain biker Stražišar
Gorazd Stražišar is a man whose knowledge of mountain bikes could have made him rich, yet he prefers to ride one instead. But not just anywhere, not on flat terrain or on the road – that isn’t exciting enough for him. He is a dedicated mountain biker, particularly attracted by very dangerous downhill descents. And he also enjoys cross country tours.



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