SHOW 341 .. 12th April 2008


How are Slovenian sights perceived if screened by contemporary art?
Letters designed from protei (human fish), machines for producing wooden ware, the talking Soča trout, the Vače situla on the passport, a balloon in the Postojna cave and a new measuring unit, the Slovenian Mediterranean meter. Apart from that, golden toothpicks, Slovenia as a hen, comics from beehive panels, chairs from ploughs, Slavoj Žižek as a puppet, the Janšas on Mt. Triglav and sleeping in a cell.
This time a rather different edition of Slovenian Magazine focuses on particular features of Slovenia from the viewpoint of contemporary artists, who share an original and witty approach towards history and tradition.
Written and directed by:
Amir Muratović

Camera: Bernard Perme
Editor: Polonca Mareš
Music by:
Terrafolk, Laibach,
              Janez Škof and Čompe



Real Media video

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