SHOW 343 .. 17th May 2008

- Brdo and Eu
- The 500th anniversary of Primož Trubar
- Dewesoft and Nasa
- Karst village of Gorjansko
- Urban artist M.A.Vogrinčič

European politics in the middle of idyllic nature
All the larger events during the Slovenian presidency of the European Union are taking place at Brdo near Kranj. Brdo already hosted numerous statesmen and other distinguished guests in the past, among them Presidents Bush and Putin, and all were thrilled with the beauty and positive atmosphere offered by the idyllic nature on the doorstep of the Alps.
The 500th anniversary of Primož Trubar                                                            
Slovenia is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the birth of Primož Trubar, the originator of Slovenian literary language and literature. During the year of Trubar, numerous events in honour of this great man of Slovenian history will be taking place. The National Museum of Slovenia in Ljubljana has prepared an interesting exhibition about his life and work.  
Slovenian brainpower at NASA
A small, young and ambitious Slovenian software company, DEWESOFT, has managed one of the greatest feats of Slovenian technological knowledge – they have designed software that helps NASA conduct all its space flights. Let us meet this promising company from the town of Trbovlje.
The karst village of Gorjansko
The karst with its natural and cultural sights has long been attracting visitors, enchanting them over and over again. This limestone region that rises above the bay of Trieste hides numerous small villages that remain undiscovered by many. One of these is Gorjansko near Komen.
Urban artist
Matej Andraž Vogrinčič is an artist that intervenes into spaces in a special and very unique way – in cities as well as in nature. He began by dressing, not people, but houses and fruit. Today he is being invited to all parts of the world, and his installations always offer an amusing look at the world and life.  

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