SHOW 345 .. 14th June 2008

- Ptuj 
- The Osilnica Valley  
- The Sounds of Slovenia exhibition    
- Ballerina Lejla P. Šindrič 
- “The Sun House”

Ptuj, a treasure trove of centuries
According to some sources, Ptuj in the north-east of Slovenia is the oldest town in the country. Its history dates back to the Late Stone Age, and the town truly flourished in the Roman Era. The ancient Ptuj now boasts one of the best preserved medieval town centres and castles.   
The Osilnica Valley
Although Slovenia’s territory is so small it is possible to drive through it in a day, it still hides many places which seem almost forgotten, since they are far from the busy main roads. Such is the Osilnica Valley in the south of Slovenia, along the upper stream of the Kolpa River, also referred to as “the land of Peter Klepec”, named after the legendary hero.
The ‘Sounds Of Slovenia’ exhibition
Throughout our lives we are surrounded by music. An exhibition portraying the changes of harmonious sounds on Slovenian territory, from prehistoric times to folk musicians and the Avseniks, who have become something of Slovenia’s trademark abroad, is on display at Slovenia’s Ethnographic Museum in Ljubljana.
Ballerina Lejla Pantić Šindrić                                                                     
To many, ballet signifies part of the dream world, yet it is actually so closely linked to hard work and sacrifice. This is all too familiar to the young, talented ballerina, Lejla Pantić Šindrić, who is believed to have a brilliant future ahead.
Sončna hiša – The Sun House
Prlekija is a land along the Mura River in the north-east of Slovenia. This is the land of storks, culinary delights and hills covered with vineyards. The local people say that it is there where the land reaches the sky. It sounds magical, just as the Sun House is in Banovci, a village at the edge of the Pannonian Plain, which blends in beautifully with the landscape.

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