SHOW 349 .. September 20th 2008

- The flowers of Bohinj 
- Planinsko polje  
- Pre-earthquake Ljubljana 
- Flute player Alja Velkaverh
- Bobbin-lace jewellery by Saša Pušnar
- The inventor of the monocycle 

The flowers of Bohinj
Bohinj is one of the most typical Alpine regions in Slovenia. Being part of the Triglav National Park, it is a landscape full of extraordinary natural and cultural heritage. The mountains rising above the enchanting Lake Bohinj are a true treasure trove of Alpine flowers, which have long been thrilling botanical experts, and are greatly admired by nature lovers.
Planinsko polje
Planinsko polje, which is considered one of the most typical Karst field, is also full of exciting natural phenomena. Meandering across it is the picturesque Unica River, which tends to flood in heavy rain, turning the Karst field into a lake for a while.
Pre-earthquake Ljubljana
Three periods have been the most significant for the architecture of the capital of Slovenia: the Baroque, Art Nouveau, and the period mostly influenced by architect Jože Plečnik. Today, we have a report on some of the most beautiful buildings and their stone ornamentation in Ljubljana before it was struck by a devastating earthquake in 1895, while in our next show you will be able to see the architectural heritage of Ljubljana after the earthquake.
Flute player Alja Velkaverh
The Slovenes undoubtedly take great pride in one of the greatest flute players of our time, Irena Grafenauer, who has won recognition worldwide as an excellent performer and a professor at the Austrian Mozarteum in Salzburg. Yet, a young flute player from Slovenia, Alja Velkaverh, has recently also been winning more and more recognition abroad.
Bobbin lace jewellery by Saša Pušnar
Bobbin lace, which has a long and rich tradition in Slovenia, has lately also been incorporated into somewhat more contemporary creations. Saša Pušnar is an artist who has been inspired by making bobbin lace out of wire.
The inventor of the monocycle
Inventor Aleksander Polutnik was awarded a gold medal for an unusual bicycle at the innovations’ fair in Geneva.

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