SHOW 350 .. October 04th 2008

- Rock shelters by Sočerga
- Painter Milena Usenik 
- Pliskovica 
- Post-earthquake Ljubljana 
- Bespoke bicycle designer 

Rock shelters by Sočerga
The Karst Ridge is an area in southwest Slovenia where the Karst Plateau abruptly ends and the friendly flysch landscape of Slovenian Istria begins. It spans about 20 kilometres from the Italian border to the border with Croatia. The Karst Ridge is a real discovery for any nature lover, but the greatest of its hidden treasures must surely be its southern fringes, where rock faces with picturesque rock shelters rise high above Sočerga. The locals call these rock shelters the “ears of Istria”.
Painter Milena Usenik
The Istrian landscape is very dear to painter Milena Usenik, a successful former athlete and participant in two Olympic Games. To celebrate her 40th anniversary of artistic creativity, retrospective exhibitions have been organised in no fewer than three galleries on the Slovenian coast. The collection of her works is substantial and diverse.
The small Karst village of Pliskovica
Pliskovica is a small, picturesque Karst village near Komen. As the crow flies, the village is only some 10 kilometres from the Adriatic coast. Around the village, surrounded by vineyards, runs a Karst learning trail for those who love to explore the beauty of the Karst and its secrets.
The facades of prominent houses in Ljubljana
At the start of the 20th century, after the great earthquake of 1895, the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, began to develop at double speed and has since become a modern metropolis. Many new and prominent buildings were erected during this period. Lavishly decorated, they are still the pride and joy of the city.
A designer of bicycles
Jaka Mihelič is an all-round creator, who has recently turned his hand to the design and manufacture of bespoke bicycles. His attractive bikes are mainly intended for rides in the city and are sure to catch the eye.

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