SHOW 353 .. 15th November 2008

- The village of Rakitovec 
- Sculptor Janez Pirnat  
- Lado Jakša 
- Pranic therapist Brane Skubic 
- Fight Club Ljubljana 

The village of Rakitovec
Rakitovec is a small village in the hinterland of Slovenian Istria, one of many from which life is slowly draining away although they are situated close to lively coastal towns. In the past, the inhabitants of this picturesque village, which has preserved its typical Istrian image, used to earn their daily bread with wood, charcoal-burning and lime production.
Sculptor Janez Pirnat
Sculptor and graphic artist Janez Pirnat has got art in his genes; his father Nikolaj was also a sculptor, painter and illustrator. Janez’s sculpting has been greatly marked by stone, which he has been devoutly working for decades. His preferred motifs are expressive faces, mainly female, which he engraves on chunks of rock and stone blocks that he leaves partly untouched. Janez Pirnat is a great admirer of old art, which can also be seen in his works.
Lado Jakša
Lado Jakša, a composer, musician and fine art photographer, in short, is a man with exceptional creative power. He has composed for film, television and theatre. Over ninety film and television projects and a hundred theatre projects bear his signature. He has also released more than ten independent CDs. His photographic work is presented in many private and public collections in Europe and in the United States.
Pranic therapist Brane Skubic
Athletes often have to thank various people for their great achievements, including their families, coaches, clubs and a few other individuals. One of such people is pranic therapist Brane Skubic, who has helped many athletes achieve top results in the last few years. He became rather famous after this year’s Olympic Games. However, it is not only athletes that come to him for help. His clients also include managers and other, mostly highly educated people.
Fight Club Ljubljana
In Slovenia, savate assaut - a martial arts discipline - is rapidly gaining in popularity. Among the very first clubs that offered savate assaut as part of their programme was Fight Club Ljubljana. Members of the club are winning medals at European and World Championships. Tina Turk, the current European Champion and World Vice-Champion, comes from their ranks.



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