SHOW 355 .. 27th December 2008

- Ljubljana Cathedral 
- Urban artist M.A.Vogrinčič
- Wax materpieces by R.Samec  
- Designer T.Zorn Gerželj
- Trutamora Slovenica 

Ljubljana Cathedral
The Cathedral of St Nicholas in Ljubljana is one of the most significant monuments of Baroque art in Slovenia.
Urban artist M.A. Vogrinčič
Matej Andraž Vogrinčič started his artistic career 15 years ago dressing houses. The first house he dressed stands on the banks of the Ljubljanica river. Then he did another one in Venice. Today, his list of artistic spatial interventions is rather long. He has worked around the world, mainly in Australia. His installations always offer an amusing view of life and the world.
Wax pictures by Rafael Samec
Rafael Samec is a special kind of artist. The material he uses to express himself is wax, which offers him countless possibilities in his creative process. At first, he made beautiful candles, real little sculptures, but recently he has also been creating wonderful relief paintings.
Designer Tanja Zorn Gerželj
Designer Tanja Zorn Gerželj is constantly alert to new possibilities offered by textiles. She takes a great interest in different techniques and materials, which she deftly combines in interesting and very unusual products.
Trutamora Slovenica
The ensemble Trutamora Slovenica began to break new ground thirty years ago in the field of reviving and nurturing the Slovenian folk music tradition. With them other groups also started to get involved with this kind of music, although mostly in a popular variant. Trutamora Slovenica, however, remains faithful to its original intent of revitalizing folk songs, melodies and instruments


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