SHOW 356 .. 10th January 2009

- Tržič  
- Modigliani's women by Katjuša Rojac
- Contemporary architecture in Olimje 
- Ship models by Adolf Polanc
- Free diver Jure Daič

Due to its strategic position by the once important thoroughfare across the Ljubelj Pass and the Karavanke mountain range, Tržič gained city rights towards the end of the 15th century, which enabled it to develop into a town with a rich tradition of craftsmanship. Among various crafts that flourished there, shoemaking had a particular impact on the town, which has even been granted the status of a cultural monument.
Modigliani’s women by Katjuša Rojac
Katjuša Rojac, a great expert on and admirer of the painter Amedeo Modigliani has managed to translate her enthusiasm for this great artist into her own creations. She’s taken Modigliani’s women on canvas and brought them to life in her clay sculptures, while imbuing them with her personal touch. This has resulted in a veritable gallery of her very own Modigliani women.
Original architecture, closely linked to the environment 
In Podčetrtek, in the easternmost Slovenia, lies the famous thermal spa of Olimia. In 2006, a contemporary architectural achievement, the very special Hotel Sotelia was built, making it an elegant and unobtrusive addition to some of the older spa buildings. Its designers are the young architects of the Enota architectural studio, who have already attracted international attention with some of their other designs.
Models of old ships
Adolf Polanc from Maribor takes pride in one of the largest fleets in Slovenia. His models of old ships, including a number of specimens from the time when sailors were still discovering new continents, are all made by hand. Even after over four decades of enjoying his hobby, he considers making each new model a great challenge.
Free diver Jure Daić 
Since his early days he’s been interested in various sporting activities. He’s also in love with the sea and two sports linked with it: free diving and underwater fishing.
Jure Daić is the best free diver in Slovenia and one of the best in the world. 




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