SHOW 357 .. 24th January 2009

- Snovik eco spa
- The cuisine of the Karst  
- Red noses – clown doctors  
- Stripburger and Ciril Horjak 
- Designer Eta Sadar 

The snovik eco thermal spa
The Snovik thermal spa, the closest to the capital Ljubljana, is one of the more recently built spas in Slovenia, yet it can already take pride in a number of distinguished awards, in particular for its eco-friendly approach. The spa has been given an award as a top energy-saving company, the EU award for eco-friendly tourist accommodation, and, quite recently, also an award from CIPRA, the International Commission for the Protection of the Alps, for achievements in the protection of the environment.
The cuisine of the Karst  
For centuries the Karst, a limestone plateau in the south-west of Slovenia, has been drawing the interest of those who love natural and cultural phenomena. A visit to this special and unusual landscape is a pleasure at any time of the year, yet most people agree that the Karst is particularly beautiful in the autumn, when it is bathing in the lively colours of the vines and the scarlet of sumac, with nature bearing its bountiful fruits. 
Red noses – clown doctors
Staying in a hospital is stressful enough for adults, let alone for children. But help is at hand from the Red Noses, a team of clown doctors established five years ago in Slovenia, who visit the children and try to alleviate some of their pain and chase away their fear and sadness at being separated from their parents. This important work is led by the only clown with a degree in Slovenia, Eva Škofič Maurer, who runs the pioneering project with help from the Austrian Rote Nosen Clowndoctors International society.
Stripburger and Ciril Horjak
The history of comics in Slovenia dates back about eighty years, but a recent important milestone was the establishment of Stripburger magazine in 1992. The editorial board makes sure that the readership in Slovenia is introduced to foreign authors, while also taking care of the promotion of original comics in Slovenia. A highly successful liaison has also been established between Stripburger and the comic writer Ciril Horjak.
Designer Eta Sadar Breznik
Architect Eta Sadar Breznik has dedicated her life to textile artwork. She loves creating three-dimensional woven textile objects, which have attracted great interest and led to widespread recognition of the artist both in Slovenia and abroad. Eta Sadar Breznik continues to seek new challenges and has also turned her hand to designing clothes.


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