SHOW 358 .. 07th February 2009

- Maribor Museum 
- Otočec Castle 
- Sculptor Dušan Tršar
- Dancer Nika Kljun 
- Aerobatic Pilot Podlunšek 

Maribor Regional Museum
Maribor, the second largest Slovenian city, lies in the northeast of the country. It grew on the banks of the Drava River, at the intersection of Central European routes. Its beginning is linked with a fort on a hill called the Pyramid. As a city, Maribor was first mentioned in written records in 1254. It used to have three castles of which only one has been preserved. Today it houses the Regional Museum.
Otočec – the only Slovenian water castle
In mid-13th century, when Maribor was granted city rights, another castle was built in Slovenia – the Otočec Castle in the Dolenjska region. Its present image is a blend of three architectural styles – Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The castle is situated on a small island in the middle of the Krka River and is the only preserved water castle in Slovenia. Today it houses a five-star hotel distinguished by first-rate cuisine. The guests of the castle are also pampered by Dejan Pavlič, a young chef, who won third place at the Culinary Olympics in Germany last October.
Sculptor Dušan Tršar
Sculptor Dušan Tršar has been present on the Slovenian fine arts scene for forty years. He is an explicitly abstract painter with a subtle feeling for the sculpting language and material. His artistic path has been marked by several ways of expression – at the start of his career, when he belonged to a group of neo-constructivists, he created light objects in acrylic glass; today, his art is marked by slender elongated figures in bronze.
Dancer Nika Kljun 
Although only 21, Nika Kljun is one of the best Slovenian dancers and an outstanding choreographer. Besides several National Championship titles she has also won the titles of European and World Champion in various modern competitive dance categories. The group that she trains in the family dance school Bolero has also achieved a remarkable success. After no more than two years of working with her, they won the title of World Champions. Nika Kljun also teaches in dance workshops around Europe and dances in famous dance shows around the world, mainly in the States.
Aerobatic Pilot Podlunšek
Peter Podlunšek is considered as one of the best Slovenian aerobatic pilots and his achievements rank him among the world’s top aviators. His performances at flying events are marked with breathtaking manoeuvres called gyroscope manoeuvres, in which the aircraft rotates around all three axes simultaneously. His speciality is also performing the most challenging manoeuvres at a very low height.


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