SHOW 361 .. 21st March 2009

- The Krvavec eskimo village 
- Ophthalmologist Dr Brigita Drnovšek
- The Postal Museum in Polhov Gradec 
- Painter Franc Vozelj
- Shoe designer Mitja Hojak

- Igloo village on Krvavec
Situated only 25 kilometres from the capital, Krvavec is a popular ski area among people living in and around Ljubljana. For the second winter in a row, a village has been built there that one might normally expect to find in the Arctic: a village of igloos. Surrounded by the beauty of the alpine world, the village offers an unforgettable experience. There are now two igloo villages in Slovenia, following a trend that is gathering strength in other parts of Europe.
Ophthalmologist Dr Brigita Drnovšek Olup
Slovenia can boast a high number of female scientists, some of whom are active in fields that were traditionally considered to be male preserves. Among them is the renowned ophthalmologist Dr Brigita Drnovšek Olup, Chair of the Eye Clinic in Ljubljana. It is in large part due to her that the eye clinic ranks among the best in Europe.
The Museum of Post and Telecommunications
The exchange of news and information is as old as civilization itself. The oldest letter, written in hieroglyphics on a clay plate, is believed to be 4,000 years old. In the era of internet connections and email we have nearly forgotten about the excitement of waiting for the postman and opening letters, so it is interesting to be reminded of the history of the post at the Museum of Post and Telecommunications, located in a renovated castle in Polhov Gradec.
Painter Franc Vozelj
Painter Franc Vozelj cannot do without music. It is to the sounds of music that he creates his thematically diverse paintings – figures and nudes, still lifes and landscapes. These reflect the artist’s search for profound philosophical truths and pure artistic expression.
Shoe designer Mitja Hojak
Since he can remember, designer Mitja Hojak has been attracted by uniqueness and extravagance. The shoes he makes reflect this – they are all unique creations handmade from natural materials, sometimes trimmed with lace, crystals and the like, but always finished with a great deal of knowledge, imagination and elegance 


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