SHOW 367 .. 27th June 2009

- Maribor 
- Pohorje, the Lovrenc lakes 
- Ptuj
- The Kurent
- Haloze
- Painter and animator Milan Erič

The latest Slovenian Magazine was made in the upper Štajerska region. This landscape is especially marked by the green Pohorje, viniferous hills and the Štajerska capital, Maribor. Pohorje, covered with forests, hides incredible natural treasures, also the famous Lovrenc Lakes, which are actually the highest marshlands in Slovenia.
Near the foothill of Pohorje, Maribor came to be, a city with a long and rich history, with picturesque squares and the ancient Lent, boasting also the world’s oldest vine.
Near the Drava River, the main water line of the upper Štajerska, lies the oldest Slovenian city Ptuj, which is today an invaluable treasury of millennia and the stage of the largest carnival in Slovenia, the famous Kurentovanje. The custom of Kurentovanje is still alive in these places, especially among the villages in the Ptujsko polje area, above which the pilgrimage Ptujska Gora church rises; a true pearl of Gothicism in Slovenia.
Upper Štajerska is also a viniferous land that gives excellent white wines. We visited the viniferous Haloze.
Maribor is also the city of many excellent artists. 
Milan Erič is a witty draughtsman and author of Slovenia’s first full-length feature animation film.


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