SHOW 368 .. 11th July 2009

Slovenian Magazine – A Walk Along the Ljubljanica River

The Ljubljanica River, also known as the “River of the Seven Names”, is the last segment of a karstic river that -- on its way from Inner Carniola towards the Sava – disappears underground and reemerges to the surface several times, each time under a different name.

For at least 3000 years, the river has seen lively traffic and -- as Ljubljana’s main transport route -- has shaped the development of the Slovenian capital.

Nowadays, only small boats still cruise on the river. They transport trill seekers and the curious along the embankments and the streets along the river.

Along the Ljubljanica, we can admire the facades of buildings and picturesque squares that represented a creative challenge to numerous architects and artists, including the sculptor Francesco Robba. The Ljubljanica is also a river of bridges – the first one was built in the Roman era, while the architect Jože Plečnik gave the tamed and concrete-encased riverbed its present-day look. He modified the embankments, designed tree-lined promenades along the river, and created or reworked a number of bridges, including Ljubljana’s most famous icon – the Triple Bridge.

Written and directed by: Amir Muratović

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