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Celje is the centre of the the Celje-Savinja region and the third largest city in Slovenia, and perhaps the most important from a historical point of view. It’s also called the city of the counts, since from this very castle ruled the famous counts and dukes of Cilli, now Celje, who were the only aristocrats and rulers with their county seat in the area of present-day Slovenia. They acquired so much wealth and power that they competed even with the Habsburg family itself, but a break in the line of succession meant that they eventually lost that battle.The majestic ruins of the castle are a silent witness to the family’s grandeur, yet the golden stars from their coat of arms are again shining brightly – now in Slovenia’s coat of arms. 
The Žiče Carthusian Monastery
The Counts of Celje were great benefactors and founders of churches and monasteries. They also supported the Žiče Monastery, the first monastery of the Carthusian order in any non-Roman state.
Who knows why, more than 800 years ago, the Carthusians of the Great Carthusian Monastery in France chose this narrow valley near Žiče for their new home. Were they enchanted by its remote, peaceful quiet and beauty, or was it the special energy which can still be felt here?
The Rogaška Slatina spa
In the past people also visited springs of healing water. Today Slovenia has 15 thermal spas, most of which can be found in the Celje-Savinja region. Among them is Rogaška Slatina.
A portrait of Ljubica R. Kočica
Rogaška Slatina is famous not only for its healing waters, but also for its glass-making. Crystal masterpieces from the Rogaška glassworks can be found throughout the world, under both its own trademark and famous foreign ones. The glassworks’ superb products have been presented to world politicians and distinguished personalities.
The talent of the excellent artist Ljubica Ratkajec Kočica was also sculpted at the Rogaška glassworks.
The Logarska Valley
The Logarska Valley is a true masterpiece of nature.
They are quite right when they say that this is one of the most beautiful Alpine valleys. Surrounded by the peaks of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps and remote high-mountain farms, this part of the Upper-Savinja valley is a true paradise for travellers hungry for peace and unspoilt nature.  

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