SHOW 375 .. 14th November 2009

- Sveta gora above Solkan
- Charcoal Burning
- Puppeteer Barbara Bulatović
- Paintings made with Wine
- Fashion Designer Maja Ferme

Sveta Gora Above Solkan
Above the Soča River and the town of Solkan, just on the border with Italy, rises a steep hill called Sveta gora. Topped with the mighty Basilica of the Assumption, it is considered the most important place of pilgrimage in western Slovenia. The present church, which is the third in a row on this site, was built after the 1st World War. It was here, along the Soča, that the Isonzo Front ran, leaving behind complete devastation not even sparing Sveta gora.
Charcoal burning
In the past, charcoal was produced throughout Slovenia’s wooded country, whereas today charcoal burning has mainly been preserved as a tourist attraction. However, in Dole pri Litiji eastwards from the centre of Slovenia, traditional charcoal burning with wood piles is still alive. Besides being an indispensable part of any barbecue, charcoal is also used in painting and some branches of industry. It is due to its wide use that charcoal burning has not completely died out yet.
Puppeteer Barbara Bulatović
Puppets combine artistic creativity and kinaesthetic skill with words and music. Their world will be revealed by Barbara Bulatović, one of Slovenian’s most original and creative puppeteers, who is constantly on the lookout for new approaches in puppetry and its interaction with other media.
Paintings made with wine
It was common knowledge among people in the past that some plants contained pigments and were therefore widely used. Marjan Miklavec, an amateur painter from the Karst, the land of teran wine, doesn’t only use the wine to quench his thirst but also to express himself with it.
Fashion designer Maja Ferme
Maja Ferme is a young fashion designer who knows exactly what she wants. Her goal is to succeed abroad, particularly in the USA. It was there, more precisely in the capital of the fashion industry, New York, that she spent some time training a few years ago. Besides clothes, which are even worn by Slovenian beauty queens, she also designs unique jewellery.


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