SHOW 379 .. 23rd January 2010

- High echnology - Cosylab
- Photographer Žiga Koritnik 
- From the supposed flute to an instrument 
- Fashion designer Miro Mišljen 
- Music group The Stroj 

High technology - Cosylab 
Slovenia cannot compare itself to the scientific superpowers, but many of Slovenia’s scientists can. This also goes for the technological company Cosylab (Control System Laboratory), whose main focus is on developing advanced technologies for global markets. Their software systems are used by more than 200 research laboratories all over the world, and they are taking part in the seven out of ten biggest international science projects. 
Photographer Žiga Koritnik
Žiga Koritnik is inspired by jazz and world music. He plays his camera like an instrument: his art photography has become a part of festivals and concert events on world stages, and has also found its place in monograph publications. Žiga Koritnik surrenders himself to the moment as he hunts for the unique.
From the supposed flute to an instrument
Fifteen years ago, an archaeologist in Divje Babe cave in the west of Slovenia found the bone of a young cave bear, which was assumed to be a flute due to the arrangement of holes. Scientific analysis confirmed that this find dates back 55.000 years, yet its musical functionality has only been partially assessed. Therefore the academic musician Ljuben Dimkaroski began to research the musical capabilities of this supposed flute.
Fashion designer Miro Mišljen
Miro Mišljen is a young fashion designer who is making a confidant entrance into the world of fashion. He says he never sells only fashion but rather the story, as every garment without it is empty and expressionless. 
Music group The Stroj
The Stroj is a music group known for its unusual homemade percussion instruments, unusual performance locations and mighty visual effects.


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