SHOW 394 .. 18th October 2010

- Ljubljana, World Book Capital
- ©marna gora
- Pipistrel Airplanes
- Bled Vintgar gorge
- Garden of senses for the blind

Ljubljana, World Book Capital
This April, for one year, Ljubljana became the World Book Capital. In competing for this prestigious title, awarded by UNESCO, the capital of Slovenia fought off the challenges of six much larger and higher-profile cities. During the year, a rich and various programme will take place, which gives the city a special feel.
©marna gora hill
©marna gora, with its readily recognisable profile rather like a Bactrian camel, is a hill on the northwest edge of Ljubljana and is one of the favourite recreational spots for the citizens of the Slovenian capital. Each year about a quarter million visitors ascend it, as it offers numerous options for recreational and sports activities and beautiful views. A forest learning trail also crosses over it.
Slovenian aircraft manufacturer Pipistrel, meaning bat in Latin, has for years been at the very top of ultra-light aircraft production, always a step ahead of the competition. Its success is confirmed both by the market and by its receiving the highest international awards, two of them from NASA. Pipistrel aircraft are also environmentally friendly, as is the facility where they are assembled.
Bled Vintgar gorge
Only four kilometres from the tourist hotspot of Bled, another pearl of nature is hidden – the Bled Vintgar gorge, visited by tourists from all over the world. The gorge was the first in Slovenia to be prepared for tourist visits, and so the Bled Vintgar, or Weingarten in German, after the nearby vineyards in days of yore, gave the name vintgar to other Slovenian gorges.
A Garden of senses for the blind
This year, the Institute for the Blind and Visually Impaired in Ljubljana has established a garden of senses – a thoughtfully designed and equipped garden where children with visual impairments can train their skills of movement in space, avoiding obstacles, and recognising materials and scents. The garden is unique in Slovenia and indeed in Europe.


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