SHOW 395 .. 1st November 2010


- Franja Hospital 
- The Planica Olympic Sports Centre 
- Painter Aleksij Kobal 
- Furniture made out of cardboard   
- Vera Vardjan and Veliki Nerajec 

Franja Hospital
Franja Hospital is the most famous complex of partisan facilities from the Second World War in Slovenia. It has quite a unique testimony, being a symbol of humanity, courage and solidarity. Three years ago the hospital was demolished in a huge flood, but it has been reconstructed and re-opened to visitors this spring. Although it lost most of its authentic features, its message lives on.
Planica Olympic Sports Centre
Planica, a valley in the north-westernmost part of Slovenia, has so far been famous mainly for its ski jumps. In the future, however, it might well become one of the keystones for space flights. The Planica Olympic Sports Centre has not only become engaged in preparing athletes for extreme altitude in hypoxic conditions, but has placed Slovenia on the map of research into the influences of space on humans.
Painter Aleksij Kobal
Aleksij Kobal is one of the most renowned painters of the middle generation of artists in Slovenia. He is also a writer and musician who is a member of an unusual percussion band called The Stroj. As a painter he experiences art as free and unconstrained, he loves to investigate and experiment, which adds new dimensions to his paintings.
Furniture made out of cardboard
Primož Antloga is a unique designer working with cardboard, a material which has long had the function of only being used in packaging. He started off quite accidentally, as a hobby. Today he uses this ecological material, well-suited for recycling, to create various things, even furniture. There is a lot of demand for his creations, which have also been exhibited at the California Gift Show in Los Angeles.
Vera Vardjan and Veliki Nerajec
Bela krajina is a somewhat remote region in the south-easternmost part of Slovenia. Perhaps it is its location that has made it possible for this region to maintain its unspoilt nature and cultural heritage. Vera Vardjan from the village of Veliki Nerajec has managed to safeguard part of this Bela krajina tradition with her clay products which are inspired both by nature and by folk tradition.

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