SHOW 396 .. 15th November 2010

- The Alpine Museum  
- Stilt dwellings
- Illustrator Adriano Janežič
- Pepa's Karst Garden
- Clothing in Portorož

The Slovenian Alpine Museum
Slovenia is a nation of mountain lovers, many of whom have played an active part in the world’s mountaineering history. Although there was a long-standing desire for one for over a hundred years – as long as mountaineering has been an organised activity in Slovenia – it was only this year that the country opened its own national Alpine museum. Today Slovenia’s modern interactive museum can be found in Mojstrana, a village at the foot of the Julian Alps in the north-west of the country.
Stilt dwellers
In the last few years, extensive building works in Ljubljana have opened the way for many outstanding archaeological finds, among which are the stilt dwellings found in the very centre of the city, between the Ljubljanica River and the Grubar Canal. The stilt houses, dating back some 4,500 years, represent the oldest settlement in the central part of Slovenia's modern capital.
Illustrator and caricaturist Janežič
Adriano Janežič is an illustrator and caricaturist with a fine sense of humour who works in children's and youth illustration and newspaper caricature. He also loves to draw short comic books. His main interest lies not so much in depicting everyday reality as in capturing the world of the imagination.
Pepa’s Karst Garden
Since this summer, Pepa’s Karst Garden, the creation of a young gardener from the Karst region, has been open to visitors. Last year the garden won the gold medal in the category of small gardens at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in London. Till then, no one from Slovenia had even managed to compete, let alone win a medal, at this second most prestigious gardening show in the world.
Clothing in Portorož
This year it’s been exactly one hundred years since the grand opening of the famous Palace Hotel in the seaside resort of Portorož. At the time the hotel was the most prestigious on the Adriatic coast and became a venue for the elite of the then Austro-Hungarian Empire. To celebrate the anniversary, the Portorož locals, enthusiastic about their cultural heritage, organised a unique return to the past.

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