SHOW 397 .. 29th November 2010


- The Bistra Technical Museum 
- A medieval scribe from Kamnik 
- Traditional bread baking 
- Lithography by Marko Pogačnik
- Boxer Dejan Zavec 

The Bistra Technical Museum
The Technical Museum of Slovenia in Bistra, not far from Ljubljana, collects and exhibits the technical heritage connected with the development of trades and industries on the territory of Slovenia. The settlement and the mansion which houses the technical museum bear the name of Bistra – the pure water from the Karst springs which bring a special charm to the surrounding environment.
A medieval scribe from Kamnik
Visiting castles and former monasteries is also a favourite pastime to Stane Osolnik from Duplica near Kamnik. About a decade ago he became completely captivated by things connected with the medieval period, and has become passionately drawn to medieval books with illuminations. Today he is a recognised medieval scribe and illuminator who is an expert in the old techniques of writing. He has also impressed foreigners, since he has been invited to castles and medieval events throughout Europe.
Bread baking
Bread is our basic provision, a good with great symbolic means. It has tailored the destiny of humankind, divided people into the rich and the poor, the fed and the hungry, the masters and the servants. Although it plays a somewhat smaller role today, we still find it difficult to resist the enticing aroma of freshly baked bread. Miha Krejan from Trzin near Ljubljana ventured into traditional bread baking a few years ago using only ecologically produced grain.
Lithography by Marko Pogačnik
People are becoming increasingly aware of the urgent need to protect our environment. Sculptor Marko Pogačnik is a pioneer of a special method referred to as litho-puncture aimed to revive the Earth’s self-healing abilities. By placing stone sculptures in a certain place in nature he cleanses the energy of the cities and landscapes. 
Boxer Dejan Zavec
Dejan Zavec is the best boxer from Slovenia of all times. He is a world champion in the IBF Welterweight category. He won this title a year ago and has since successfully defended it twice. Dejan Zavec alias Mr. Simpatikus, as he is also referred to due to his fair play against his opponents, is the same also in his private life – honest and kind.



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