SHOW 399 .. 09th January 2011


- Beavers returning to Slovenia
- Piran Aquarium
- Sculptor Mirsad Begić
- Musician Tadej Tomšič 
- Wooden bicycles by Igor Ravbar.

Beavers returning to Slovenia
In Slovenia the beaver, the largest European rodent, became extinct in the 18th century. Like in the rest of Europe, it was hunted here for its skin and meat, while secretions from its scent glands were used in the cosmetics industry. Recently, after a long absence, beavers have finally returned to the country.
Piran Aquarium
The coastal town of Piran takes particular pride in two institutions engaged in the study of the sea and sea life, the Marine Biology Station and the Aquarium. The Aquarium, which was established over four decades ago, was restored last year and is one of the town’s most interesting attractions.
Sculptor Mirsad Begić
Mirsad Begić is a sculptor of Bosnian origin who settled down in Slovenia after coming to study here. He is now considered one of the best and most valued artists in the country. Among his best-known works are a series of public sculptures, the latest of a famous former mayor of Ljubljana, Ivan Hribar, set on the bank of the Ljubljanica.
Musician Tadej Tomšič
There are countless excellent classical musicians in the world, but fewer who excel in jazz, which requires, among other things, a great sense of improvisation. Many young Slovenian musicians go to study jazz abroad, yet only a few later excel in unique creativity and performance. Tadej Tomšič, conductor, arranger and saxophonist, has managed to do just that.
The maker of wooden bicycles
Wooden bicycles, are, rather surprisingly, fully functional. Apparently there’s nothing quite like them anywhere else in the world. The bicycles were made by Igor Ravbar from Ljubljana, who in his spare time loves to work with wood.




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