SHOW 401 .. 6th February 2011

- Bogenšperk Castle 
- Innovator Erika  Drobnič 
- Painter and Illustrator D. Demšar 
- Fossils 
- Old printing press 

Bogenšperk Castle
Bogenšperk Castle holds an exceptional position in Slovenia’s cultural history. It was the home of one of the most illustrious men of our past – Janez Vajkard Valvasor, geographer, ethnographer, historian, cartographer, natural scientist and much more – for twenty of his most creative years. It was in this very castle where he created his most important work, The Glory of the Duchy of Carniola, which was the first systematic overview of our history, land and way of life. Unfortunately, because of the debts he acquired as a result of publishing his famous work, Valvasor had to sell his castle.
Innovator Erika Drobnič
During the current economic crisis, various improvements and innovations can help companies to attain better economic results. Slovenia has a large number of innovators who achieve success at international invention shows, but they often have trouble getting their innovations to the consumer within their home country. Erika Drobnič received a number of foreign awards for her multipurpose children’s furniture.
Painter Danijel Demšar
Danijel Demšar is a painter, printmaker and illustrator who has become widely recognized for his book illustrations. These brought him Slovenia’s most prestigious award, the Hinko Smrekar Prize, at the recent biennale of illustration. Demšar, who creates from his home in the Karst village of Griže, uses unusual painting techniques.
Slovenia is a country with a rich paleontological heritage. Fossil sites in the Tunjice Hills in the central part of the country have put Slovenia on the global paleontological map with the discovery of the world’s oldest seahorse fossils, which are approximately 13 million years old.
Old printing press
Ten years ago, designer and calligrapher Marko Drpić wanted to print his designs using the traditional method – a book-printing machine – when he discovered that old-fashioned printing equipment and knowledge are disappearing. He decided to collect as much equipment as possible, to reconstruct a letterpress and to teach himself an old craft. The mission of his studio, TipoRenesansa or TypoRenaissance, is to combine modern design with old-fashioned printing methods.


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