SHOW 403 .. 6th March

- Hrastovlje 
- The Idrija aquarium 
- The Soča rehabilitation institute 
- Painter Darko Slavec 
- Kranjska klobasa the Kransky sausage 

A pilgrimage Church of the Holy Trinity is located just above the village of Hrastovlje in Slovenia’s hinterland of the Istrian peninsula. The church is famous for its extraordinary frescoes, which cover the entire interior of the building. The most famous of these is the Danse Macabre or the Dance of Death, showing that all are equal before the face of death. The church is considered one of the treasure troves of medieval fresco painting in Slovenia.
The Idrija aquarium
Idrija is an old mining town in the western part of central Slovenia. For over 500 years the locals lived off its quicksilver mine, the second largest in the world. Today, the mine is merely a precious technical monument, while the people of Idrija are engaged in various other activities, some of which might be considered quite unusual for an old mining town.
The Soča rehabilitation institute
The Soča university rehabilitation institute in Ljubljana is the leading healthcare institute for the rehabilitation of people suffering from motor dysfunction in Slovenia, and one of the core institutions for the rehabilitation of war victims. Its innovations in prosthetics make the Soča Institute rank as one of the most successful healthcare institutes in the world. Soča experts worked closely with various companies in Slovenia to develop a hand prosthetic which is a mirror copy of the healthy hand. Their technological procedure is already being followed abroad.
Painter Darko Slavec
The works of painter and graphic artist Darko Slavec reveal his approach to life, the world and the universe. And it is precisely the cosmic sphere that is the mainstay of his artistic investigation and contemplation, while the objects he frequently uses – a loaf of bread, a table cloth, a table or the sun – play a symbolic role.
Kranjska klobasa
The Kranjska klobasa, also known as the Kransky sausage in Australian English, is one of the most internationally recognised meat dishes from Slovenia. It is best known in the German speaking part of Europe, as it first became popular during the period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The dish spread from the then central part of Slovenia, Carniola, now the Kranjska region, to a much wider area and all the way to Imperial Vienna. But it was Slovenia’s emigrants who made the Kranjska klobasa recognised worldwide. The sausage has a trademark in Slovenia, and is now waiting to be recognised by the EU as well.


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