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- Košuta
- Breginjski kot
- Ptuj castle 
- Goldsmith Steidl-Porenta 
- Cult Bicycles 

Košuta is a ridgeline massif in the Karavanke range in the northwest of the country. It's approximately 10 kilometres long and six of its peaks are more than 2000 meters high. The border between Slovenia and Austria runs along the ridge.
Breginjski kot
Breginjski kot is a valley that runs beneath the Kobarid’s Stol mountain all the way to the Italian border. Its picturesque villages were devastated by a catastrophic earthquake 35 years ago – among them was Breginj, the regional centre, which was known as an architectural jewel. Breginj has since been completely rebuilt, while the only preserved row of buildings has been proclaimed a cultural monument and turned into a museum.
Ptuj castle
Ptuj is Slovenia's oldest town; its well preserved old town has the status of a museum. For centuries, a mighty castle has been perched on the castle hill above Ptuj. The castle is the home to the Regional Museum, one of the most visited institutions of its kind in the country.
Goldsmith Christoph Steidl Porenta
Christoph Steidl Porenta is a gold- and silversmith, a true artist. He is the master of traditional and almost forgotten techniques of processing metals. His magical, one-of-a-kind artwork made from gold, silver, as well as precious and semi-precious stones, is known around the world.
Cult bicycles
Uroš Gnezda and Boštjan Felc – the former a devoted road cyclist, the latter a mountain biker, decided 15 years ago to take advantage of their cycling know-how by building quality bikes. They began their work in the basement of an apartment building. When Matjaž Debelak joined them, a new company named Cult emerged – with the mission to become the most prestigious bicycle brand in Slovenia.


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