SHOW 411 .. 24th July 2011


 - Ljubljana castle
- The Ljubljana Botanical Garden
- The animated films of Špela Čadež
- Ornithologist Tomaž Mihelič
- Bled Vintgar gorge
Ljubljana castle
For centuries, Ljubljana has been guarded by its medieval castle, situated on top of a hill in the very centre of the capital of Slovenia. Its unique location offers a beautiful view of the city and its surroundings. Today the castle is a venue for various cultural events and is one of the most visited tourist sites in Slovenia.
The Ljubljana Botanical Garden -
founded at the time of Napoleon's Illyrian Provinces, it was one of the several positive things introduced by the French during their short rule on Slovenian territory. The Ljubljana Botanical Garden has been listed among 180 historically most important botanical gardens in the world.
The animated films of Špela Čadež
Young animator Špela Čadež has made three films with stop-motion puppet animation. Her films Mate to Measure and Lovesick have both received awards at several international festivals. She is currently working on a three-minute animated segment for a new Slovenian feature-length movie.
Ornithologist Tomaž Mihelič 
Birds are one of the best indicators of the state of the environment. Ornithologists’ recorded roughly 400 species of bird in Slovenia, half of them also nest here. Custodial ornithologist Tomaž Mihelič has felt a love for birds ever since childhood, whereas for the last eight years birds have also become his profession. He is employed by the Birdwatching and Bird Study Association of Slovenia, one of the largest non-governmental nature protection organisations.                              
Bled Vintgar gorge
Only four kilometres from the tourist hotspot of Bled, another pearl of nature is hidden – the Bled Vintgar gorge, visited by tourists from all over the world. The gorge was the first in Slovenia to be prepared for tourist visits, and so the Bled Vintgar, or Weingarten in German, after the nearby vineyards in days of yore, gave the name vintgar to other Slovenian gorges.


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