SHOW 416 .. 30th October 2011

- Along the Isonzo front 
- The partisan printer’s shop Slovenija
- Marine biologist Tilen Genov
- Painter Mojca Zlokarnik
- Thatched roofs 

Along the Isonzo front
The Soča Valley in the westernmost part of Slovenia is renowned for its natural beauty, but history didn’t spare it from more than its fair share of suffering. Almost a century ago, one of the bloodiest front lines of the First World War ran here. The remains of the Isonzo Front are still visible at every step, and today they are connected in a visitor network called The Paths of Peace.
The partisan printer’s shop Slovenija
Slovenia also has quite a few monuments from the Second World War. Among the best preserved authentic monuments of the time is the partisan printer’s shop called Slovenija, which is located near Vojsko. It was the biggest and technically best equipped partisan printer’s shop in the west of the country. It printed Partizanski dnevnik, the only daily newspaper in occupied Europe printed by any resistance movement.
Marine biologist Tilen Genov
Tilen Genov dedicated his life to biology and dolphin research when he was still a high school student. Exactly ten years ago, he and his colleagues established Morigenos – a marine mammals research and protection society. Their main area of activity is research into the dolphin population in the northern Adriatic, but the organisation also plays an important role in the protection of the marine environment.
Painter Mojca Zlokarnik
Painter and graphic artist Mojca Zlokarnik creates in a thoroughly distinctive way. Her enthusiasm for colours and materials is so complete that she even started producing her own paper, which she transforms into unique translucent creations.
Thatched roofs
In the past, houses in many areas of rural Slovenia were mainly thatched, as straw for thatching was a readily available material. Today, however, thatched houses are rare: good-quality straw is hard to come by, and the number of thatchers skilled in this traditional craft has dwindled. As a result, a former mark of rural simplicity has become something of a status symbol for the wealthy.



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